1st Quarter 2016

Technology Trends: Converged Infrastructure

What is Converged Infrastructure and how does it impact the IT landscape?

In today’s Data Centers, technology infrastructure to a large degree is still siloed into separate components and platforms. The siloed approach is about to dramatically change as Converged Infrastructure represents a shakeup in the industry and a major trend in IT today. Market analysts forecast that by 2018, 2/3 of the enterprise infrastructure marketplace will be on converged platforms.

In short, Converged Infrastructure is the combination of compute, storage, networking and applications into one platform or management system.

IT Executives and IT Administrators continue to explore a way to do more with less. Converged infrastructure provides the flexibility and efficiency to collapse and consolidate expensive compute, storage and networking systems while simultaneously executing cost savings, investment protection and ease of use strategies.

Dell’s Converged Systems: PowerEdge M1000E, FX2 and VRTX

Dell’s converged systems contain pre-integrated server hardware, disk storage systems, networking equipment and unified management software that enable you to tailor your infrastructure to flexibly meet specific workload demands. From large enterprise data centers, to remote and branch-office data closets, to quiet small-office settings, regardless of the size of your environment, you can deploy the power and agility of convergence.

  • Dell’s PowerEdge M1000e

The PowerEdge M1000e is designed for the data center. This 10U modular enclosure holds up to eight full-height, sixteen half-height, or thirty two quarter-height blade servers. It can be configured with up to six blade I/O modules for three fully redundant fabrics that take advantage of a fully passive midplane that can scale up to 8.4Tbps and feature 1/10Gb Ethernet to servers, 40Gb Ethernet to top-of- rack switches, Fibre Channel 16Gb, 8Gb, and InfiniBand QDR/FDR10/FDR. Dell’s blade Ethernet devices also have FlexIO technology, providing on-demand uplink scalability and investment protection unrivaled in the blade server market.

  • Dell’s PowerEdge FX2

The exciting PowerEdge FX2 enclosure is the uniquely small modular foundation for the PowerEdge FX architecture, an extremely flexible and efficient platform for building an IT infrastructure that precisely fits your computing needs. The PowerEdge FX2 is a 2U hybrid rack-based computing platform that combines the density and efficiencies of blades with the simplicity and cost benefits of rack-based systems. The FX2 holds up to two full-height, four half-height or eight quarter-height blade servers. It offers a variety of I/O configurations through FN I/O Aggregator modules, in addition to up to eight PCIe expansion slots. The FX2 can be configured with up to three FD332 half width storage blocks. Since each FD332 supports up to 16 direct attached storage drives, you can build an FX2 with up to 48 SAS, SATA or SSD hard drives.

  • Dell’s PowerEdge VRTX

The PowerEdge VRTX offers data center performance with office-optimized dimensions, acoustics, power requirements and security. It integrates servers, storage, networking and management into a single office-optimized chassis to deliver greater simplicity, efficiency and versatility. The VRTX comes in a 5U rack or tower configuration, and can be configured with up to four server nodes, eight PCIe slots and offers true shared storage. Call ComSource to learn more about how your organization can benefit from converged infrastructure!

Dell x86 Blades and Infrastructure

ComSource, as a total technology solutions provider, focuses considerable time, effort and investment on providing our customers and the broader datacenter marketplace with “OPEN”, “Cost Containing” and “Easy-to-Use” high-density Blade solutions from Dell.
We understand and greatly appreciate the architectural and economic issues IT Administrators and IT Executives are confronted with in their datacenters. Generally speaking, IT Administrators are concerned with architectural and power savings issues as they relate to hardware infrastructure in their datacenters. IT Executives, on the other hand, are primarily focused on the bigger picture, that is, improving the processes and technology in order to save money, make money, reduce risk and drive business forward.
Our collective goal is to help IT Administrators and IT Executives resolve these business issues by providing technology solutions that deliver on the following business goals:

  • Investment Protection
  • Cost Containment
  • Ease of Use
  • Deployment

Dell’s unique Blade Solution options will allow our customers to exceed all of these goals.

  • Dell’s Open Approach

to the Data Center allows companies to avoid proprietary architectures that create vendor lock-in and possible expensive “rip and replace” consequences. Dell’s Open Approach allows you to achieve more by choosing a best of breed, open solution that will integrate seamlessly & reliably with your core datacenter infrastructure and with your existing Blade environment.

  • Dell’s PowerEdge M630

Blade Servers utilize the latest Intel E5 2600 V3 processors and ¼” Blade Form Factors. Customers can expect system performance increases of up to 40% over servers with the previous chip set and, with Dell Blades, customers are investing in a Blade solution that provides 2x the computing density as the competition. Better performance combined with ¼” Blades allows you to consolidate hardware, INCREASE DENSITY & reduce power & cooling costs, allowing you to do a lot more with a lot less while containing costs.

Dell’s PowerEdge M630 Blade Servers have a number of features that address the Ease of Deployment, Ease of Maintenance and overall Ease of Use business issue.

  • Dell’s iDRAC8 with LifeCycle Controller embeds system management features directly on the server which eliminates the media based system management tools and utilities typically needed for system management.
  • Dell’s Flex-Address technology configures WWN’s and MAC addresses to the slot on the M1000e chassis, not the blade. This means a Blade Server can be removed/replaced without having to remap and reconfigure saving significant time and money.
  • Dell’s Open Managed Connections allows you to add PowerEdge Servers into your data center without having to introduce yet another management console for you and your staff to learn.

In addition, our design enhancements, like our Top of the Rack Switching, demonstrate our commitment to providing significant value-added benefits to our customers. In all aspects of our business, ComSource strives to differentiate ourselves in the marketplace.

Top of Rack Switching
When there are a lot of servers to connect, networking needs to be flexible enough to support the compute power required for large installations.

In a Data Center there are several racks of servers, storage and networking equipment. Each rack contains multiple computing devices that all have to be connected to the core switch. There are a few different design options that may be deployed to provide the “uplink” to the core switch.

There are “Blade” networking switches that reside inside a blade chassis, “End of Row” networking switches that are installed in the data center at the end of each row and Top of Rack (TOR) networking switches that are installed at the top of each rack. In turn, these Network Switches can be connected to Aggregation Switches using one/few cables. The Top of Rack switches are fast and help reduce the amount of cables required to complete the “uplink” to the core switch.

Advantage of the Top of Rack Switch Approach:

  • Cabling complexity is minimized as all the servers are connected to the switch in the same rack and only a few cables go outside the rack.
  • Amount of cables required is reduced as each server does not need to connect to the aggregation switch by itself using a long cable.
  • Generally, copper cables are used to connect within the rack and fiber cables are used to connect each TOR switch to the aggregation switch. This design enables expansion, because the network might run at 1GE/ 10GE today and can be upgraded to run on 10GE/ 40GE in future with minimum costs and changes to cabling.
  • If the racks are small, there could be one network switch for 2-3 racks.
  • TOR architecture supports modular deployment of data-center racks as each rack can come in-built with all the necessary cabling/ switches and can be deployed quickly on-site.

Dell Storage – A True Industry Leader

As we all head deeper into calendar 2016 we see that Dell Corporation, the company that sells more SSD drives than any other technology manufacture, has positioned and crafted a tremendous portfolio of storage solutions. The four core “SC” platform families move from the entry level SMB customers up to the largest Enterprise requirements. We see:

  • SC 2000 – Entry Level
  • SC 4020 – Mid-Size for the Enterprise
  • SC 8000 – High Mid Market to Enterprise
  • SC 9000 – Enterprise – Ultra High Performance

All of these Dell “SC Class” Storage Solutions provide the following benefits:

  • A Unified Simple Code.
  • Users can start small and scale high while maintaining the industries best overall TCO.
  • The storage software licensing model scales with users growth.
  • There is an excellent spread and positioning of all of the many features across the various price bands.

In addition, following are seven (7) Key Differentiators and Customer Benefits of the “Enterprise” class Dell Compellent “SC” Storage Subsystem platform.

  • Investment Protection: Single platform that eliminates the need to Rip and Replace hardware. Software licenses purchased are for life and NOT tied to the hardware, which will allow End Users to continue to upgrade and refresh components as desired. In short, only the Dell Compellent “SC” storage solutions can adapt 100% to new technology without users having to buy a complete new storage subsystem…and repurchase the same storage software over and over again.
  • Performance: Amazing performance and the most efficient use of SSD drives.
  • Efficiency: The most granular tiering storage solution available today. Data movement in the system and between systems uses as little as 512KB pages. Raid 10 can give more than a 2X performance boost and we can do it without losing capacity. Experts suggest Raid 10 is best for SSD. SSD has low latency and adding in parity calculation defeats the purpose. Snapshots and replication are the most efficient in the industry and have little to no overhead on the system.
  • Scalability: With the new and advanced SC9000 controllers End Users can scale to over 500,000 IOPS and 3PB of capacity!
  • Flexibility: Easily add or remove drives from tiers. Add a separate pool and even mix drives in pools. ISCSI, FC, FCOE connectivity options. Dell can even use multiple connectivity options per host and failover between technologies.
  • Reliability: 100% Enterprise solution. Automated Live Volume (HA between sites) is unmatched in the industry for fault tolerance and flexibility and only takes 6 clicks to setup. If required down the road, we can easily add a 3rd site for DR (6 clicks as well).
  • Performance and Capacity Monitoring: Unlike many competitive storage subsystems, the Dell Compellent Storage has the ability to easily find performance characteristics of each and every component. Controllers, ports on NICS and HBA’s, individual drives, tiers, volumes, servers, etc.

**Key Point: As a private technology reseller with a 27 year track record, ComSource can choose to sell most any storage product on the market. ComSource continues to choose to sell only the Dell storage…because it works…because of the many benefits listed above…and because our customers truly love this enterprise storage platform.

Get the most out of your Data Protection with a ComSource Commvault Software Solution

The value that the ComSource-Commvault solution delivers extends far beyond the technical capabilities of the industry leading Commvault software we provide. Here at ComSource we know that in order for our customers to stay relevant, to compete, and to thrive, we must be relentlessly focused on helping them get the most out of their data protection investment.

We believe that once our customers backup their data, they should be able to repurpose it and access it in an instant, so that they can gain more use and value from stored information.

We are not alone in this belief. Both Gartner Group and Forrester have named Commvault a “Leader” in their various “rating” mechanisms based on Commvault’s vision, strategy, and innovative product offering.

  • Commvault Software Solution: Archive and eDiscovery Benefits Reduce Cost, Risk, and Complexity for Compliance, Legal and Information Governance Process.

Assuring litigation readiness and information governance is critical for most organizations.
To help reduce risk and ensure compliance, Commvault software delivers a holistic and automated approach to retaining the right information across the enterprise and deleting it defensibly. With centralized collection across an industry-leading number of file systems and messaging applications, Commvault software eliminates the need for disparate, loosely integrated products thereby reducing complexity, cost and risk from your environment. This is achieved by leveraging the Simpana ContentStore, an efficient, storage-agnostic virtual repository for all Simpana-managed information. Automated, content-based retention and built-in tiering ensures the right data is moved to the right storage at the right time.

Today’s corporate counsel and other legal stakeholders are tasked with improving efficiencies while gaining control of the risks associated with exploding volumes of corporate data. This must be achieved while also reducing the cost and complexity associated with responding to eDiscovery and governance requests.

With its single-platform architecture, Commvault software is a repeatable and defensible solution. Legal teams are empowered with simple, self-service search across an industry-leading breadth of content types. All Electronically Stored Information (ESI) is controlled under a single point of management, reducing risk. With features like legal hold, reporting, encryption and deduplication built in to the Commvault software, in-

house and third party costs and complexities are significantly reduced. By deploying Commvault software to protect, manage and access your digital assets, legal teams will be able to:

  • Have self-service access, across all ESI, to respond to legal requests without IT involvement.
  • Prepare for Early Case Assessments (ECA), and plan for case strategy earlier in the litigation process.
  • Execute role-based workflow so that the appropriate resources execute assigned tasks during the litigation timeline.
  • Secure and preserve responsive data to avoid spoliation using one-click Federated Legal Hold.
  • Cull and review data quickly and easily for responsiveness and/or privilege and mark items accordingly, reducing third-party review costs.
  • Deliver results securely to outside or opposing counsel in the appropriate electronic format
  • Provide detailed reporting to prove authenticity and chain of custody.

Commvault Software Solution: Endpoint/Edge/Mobility Data Protection Benefits

With Commvault Edge™ technology, you can enhance end-user productivity, efficiently backup and recover the growing amount of valuable data at the edge and reduce the cost and risk from eDiscovery requests, compliance demands and employees storing sensitive data outside IT control in personal cloud services.

What Makes Commvault Software Different in the PC and Mobility Marketplace?

  • Access data from almost anywhere through the web, Andriod/iOS smartphones and Tablets, Windows 8 app and Windows Explorer.
  • Easy to deploy, setup and manage at scale. Protect up to 25,000 clients in 1 Commcell.
  • Integrated content indexing for powerful eDiscovery, search and compliance needs.
  • Controlled through the Commvault single console with consolidated reporting, security controls, workflows and auditing.
  • No VPN required. Full encryption & HTTPS built-in for strong security is easy to manage.
  • Flexible and opportunistic scheduling, source-side deduplication and bandwidth throttling reduces impact on networks and storage and makes backup transparent to the end-user.
  • Ensure workers can always get to their most recent files regardless of the computer they were created on thanks to automated synch of specified folders.

ComSource Asset Management Leasing

ComSource Financial Services prides itself on being a client focused organization that provides flexible financing and value added services. These passions become personified in our asset management leasing program, a service designed to save clients time and money by automating their technology refresh cycles. Asset management and tracking becomes painless when leveraging our dedicated staff, customized software, and FMV leasing capabilities.

In these programs, our team works closely with the client to establish an asset management policy which becomes a living-breathing document, evolving as their needs do. This policy outlines what assets will be refreshed the frequency, replaced equipment, disposition of the current asset, and the financing terms. An automated refresh process is then created, which that saves our clients unmeasurable time and money. A custom web based tool allows the client to monitor the status, age, location, user, and any other information for every asset. It also provides complete transparency for every lease. Each lease schedule can include the total cost of acquiring the equipment (software, extended support expenses, professional services, etc.).

While this program is most often used with Desktop, Notebook, and Mobile computer technologies, it can be applied to any asset in which our clients value the use and regularly upgraded version of the equipment over the ownership.

By structuring the financing in this program as an FMV lease, the client typically pays less total money out of pocket over the term than the present day cost of the asset. This coupled with the reduced . administrative costs of tracking countless assets is why ComSource has been administering such programs for our largest Fortune 1500 clients for over 25 years.

ComSource and our Technology Leasing Story (Case Study)

ComSource has been structuring flexible, aggressive leasing arrangements to meet the needs of our clients for nearly 27 years. A recent situation provides an excellent example of this multimedia company.

Client: A Fortune 1000 multimedia company.

  • Situation: Our client required the use of 40 tablet PCs for a six month market trial that if successful would be rolled out nationwide, and if unsuccessful would be discontinued. This presented the client with a dilemma because if successful they would need to retain the existing computers and an additional 850, while if unsuccessful they would no longer need the use of the 40 PCs.
  • Solution: ComSource worked with the client to structure a 36 month FMV lease that allowed for a onetime lease termination option at the end of seven months. If exercised, the client would pay a small premium over the cost of the seven month lease, for the option. This provided our client the flexibility to return the equipment if the pilot was unsuccessful with very little risk. If the market test is successful, a subsequent coterminous lease for the additional tablets will be established and the client will continue using the existing assets.


With all the threat that IT professionals face it can be a daunting task to secure your environment.

ComSource views Security in a layered approach. Our experts can review your strategy and provide true consultative recommendations and options. Our ComSource team focuses holistically on securing your environment and not at just one point of entry.

  • Email Security

Unleash the power of SonicWALL’s anti-spam technology to block email threats effectively and economically. Whether a small- or medium-sized business, a distributed enterprise or a managed service provider, SonicWALL has a flexible solution to defend your organization from spam, viruses, phishing and data leaks.

  • Management and Reporting

Gain a comprehensive architecture for centrally creating and managing security policies, providing real-time monitoring, traffic analysis and delivering intuitive reports. SonicWALL offers a variety of solutions that enable you to monitor, analyze and troubleshoot network traffic to meet your unique business demands.

Dell SecureWorks

Dell SecureWorks helps thousands of organizations narrow the gap between risk and resources. Our information security services serve as an extension of your IT team, protecting your critical information and reducing the risk of data breaches and non-compliance. Dell SecureWorks’ Managed Security, Security and Risk, Threat Intelligence and Incident Response services help you:

  • Protect your business from attacks 24×7
  • Offload security tasks
  • Achieve compliance
  • Manage and control security to your needs and budget
  • Allocate more time and resources to support your key business initiatives
  • Prepare, respond and recover from a security incident

Below is a list of questions that can help our team develop a solution to meet your requirements:

  • Do you have dedicated IT Security staff?
  • Is your staff able to monitor for threats 24/7/365?
  • Have you considered an evaluation of your current architecture to best practices?
  • What kind of visibility do you have into the current threat landscape?
  • What compliance mandates are you subject to and how do you ensure compliance?
  • Has a qualified security expert performed an in-depth risk assessment of your current IT infrastructure?
  • Have you ever had a qualified security expert test your network to determine how your security stacks up under real-world threats?
  • Do you have a current incident response plan to guide you through the steps you should take in the event of a network intrusion, malware infestation, or other incident?

Call ComSource at (315)-682-4115 for Guidance and Solutions

Announcing New Dell “Client” Products / Software!

Dell Latitude 12 Rugged Tablet

Recently, Dell introduced a new tablet to the Dell Rugged Series with improved reliability in the harshest environments and proven under the full suite of military grade tests. The Latitude 12 Rugged Tablet offers Intel 5th Generation Core M dual-core processors that enhance the tablet’s power and efficiency. With optional dual swappable 2-cell batteries, you get longer usage and can be replaced without losing power to the tablet. These tablets are now packing a punch with Intel HD graphics as well as up to 8GB RAM memory and 512GB solid state storage. With an 11.6” Gorilla Glass HD outdoor-readable screen and a vast ecosystem of supporting peripherals, this device can be taken anywhere and perform seamlessly at a high level. This mobility, productivity and adaptability of the Dell Rugged Tablet make them ideal for work in any climate or environment.

NEW Windows 10 Hardware / Software

Every Windows upgrade brings about the dilemma, should the old hardware be upgraded or should a new hardware that includes the new OS be bought. ComSource’ experience after selling thousands of personal computers for over 10 years shows that new hardware that includes the new Windows software provides better value over the course of (5) years. Dell has rolled out numerous PC models with a Windows 10 pre-installed option. The new Dell hardware ensures compatibility and tuned to maximum performance with Microsoft’s new Windows 10 operating system. This OS combines the strengths of Windows 7 and Windows 8 while being familiar and user-friendly. It is fast, compatible across multiple devices and the most secure operating system yet. Reach out to your ComSource team for more information and see how you can be introduced to a Windows 10 Dell demo unit today.

Coming Soon: Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Tablets!

Dell has announced that effective January 2016, they are now selling the new Surface Pro 4 tablets. This versatile tablet can take the place of your laptop with options of up to a 1TB hard drives, 16GB RAM and a 6th Generation Intel Core i7 Processor. Dell will be able to apply your custom images to these devices and you can tailor your tablet experience with the standard array of Surface accessories. Contact us here at ComSource to get in line for your Surface Pro 4 tablets!

*Note:Call or reach out to Greg Lang here at ComSource today to get the “best in country” pricing on the new Dell Rugged Notebooks, or any other Dell Client Desktop, Laptop or Tablet offering.

Please Call Greg today at (315) 682-4115 for more information!


ComSource is a provider of Gigamon, the industry leader in Fabric Visibility. Gigamon provides active visibility into physical and virtual network traffic enabling stronger security and superior performance. Gigamon’s Visibility Fabric™ and GigaSECURE®, the industry’s first Security Delivery Platform, deliver advanced intelligence so that security, network and application performance management solutions in enterprise, government and service provider networks operate more efficiently and effectively.

  • Traffic Intelligence
    • GigaSMART® technology incorporates high-performance compute engines to extend the intelligence and value of the Gigamon Visibility Fabric™ architecture by modifying, transforming, and correlating traffic from various sources to the tools you rely upon for management, monitoring, and security.
  • Visibility Fabric
    • A versatile and comprehensive visibility architecture that provides a platform to enable insight into infrastructure blind spots.
    • Virtual Visibility
    • Eliminate blind spots and extend visibility to virtualized environments and workloads by leveraging the same monitoring, security, and analytic tools in your physical environment.
    • Eliminate blind spots and extend visibility to virtualized environments and workloads by leveraging the same monitoring, security, and analytic tools in your physical environment.
    • Aggregation
    • High-volume traffic monitoring of your infrastructure using either a turnkey Gigamon platform or GigaVUE-OS software on white box hardware and clustering with the Visibility Fabric.
  • Fabric Management
    • A single pane-of-glass management system for centralized management and configuration spanning physical and virtual fabric nodes across the Visibility Fabric, available as software-only virtual appliance or turnkey hardware appliance.
  • Network TAPs
    • Fast and reliable, optical active, passive, and BIDI network TAPs provide non-intrusive access and visibility to network traffic.
    • and configuration spanning physical and virtual fabric nodes across the Visibility Fabric, available as software-only virtual appliance or turnkey hardware appliance.

With over ten years’ experience, Gigamon solutions are deployed globally across vertical markets including over seventy-five percent of the Fortune 100.

Data Center Migrations and Consolidations

ComSource, along with our Partner affiliates, have established a very strong track record overseeing and executing complex Data Center migrations and consolidations. Our data center migrations and consolidations service is designed to provide our clients with the expertise and resources needed to develop and execute a comprehensive migration project plan. Through proper evaluation and planning, our discovery mechanism helps identify IT infrastructure and application interdependencies to create a cost-effective and risk-averse migration strategy and plan for both virtual and physical data center migrations.

From turnkey migration projects to hybrid solutions, our team of expert project managers, architects and technical SME’s specialize in reducing risk, while operating efficiently in business critical environments to perform data center migrations with minimal impact to the client’s internal resources.

With a proven methodology and sophisticated data migration tools, we simplify the task of:

  • Migrating to a colocation facility
  • Migrating to a private cloud
  • Moving to a new data center
  • Consolidating multiple data centers

Our Program/Project Management, Migration Analytics, Change Management Overview
Unified Migrations: Structure Methodology

  • Discovery and Analysis
  • Strategy and Planning
  • Infrastructure Build
  • Pre-Migration
  • Migration Execution
  • Decommission
  • Production Handover

CISCO Blow Out Sale

ComSource has a very large portfolio of both Refurbished and New Factory Sealed Cisco Core and Edge Switch components. Our equipment is 100% fully tested and verified original Cisco and sold to end users at the most competitive prices in the market.

We not only configure, sell and deploy this Cisco product but we also back it up with the technical expertise to help our customers with these “like new” Cisco devices.
Look to ComSource to help you design a Cisco NEXUS or UCS solution at a much lower cost point with our secondary market equipment. In addition, many End Users also utilize our Legacy Cisco products for Hot Spares, Labs and Closet Deployments. Reach out to ComSource for more details.

Quantity Description Cost





Cisco2921/K9 w/ (2) VWIC-2FTT-T1-E1, VIC2-FXO, PVDM3-32U64, PVDM3-64



Cisco2921/K9 w/ PVDM3-32U64










































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