2nd Quarter 2014

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President’s Message – 25 Years and Counting

It was April 7th 1989 when we first opened the doors here at ComSource, Inc. Little did we know then how much the world of technology and financial services would change over the next 25 years. Looking back I remember our goal in early 1989 was to strive to be a vendor, partner and lessor mostly with IBM mainframe oriented equipment. Our objective then was to be a cost effective and creative supplier of IBM “Water Cooled” Mainframe processors (3081K, 3084Q and 3090 families), IBM Disk (3380 & 3390) and Backup tape (3420-Reel to Reel and the first tape cartridge unit… the 3480 family.) Our sales team sold millions of dollars of that equipment to all of you… as an option and alternative to what Big Blue (IBM) was pushing to sell.

Twenty-five years later, IBM zSeries processors are still here (however, much smaller and much more powerful), the x86 server market was introduced and users installed hundreds of these devices running Microsoft operating systems until virtualization, coupled with Linux, came and entered the scene, in turn with tremendously improved price-performance economics.

Who remembers the reel to reel tape subsystem… even in the James Bond movies? Megabytes of backup data have morphed to Gigabytes and Terabytes today on each cartridge… and users are deploying far more sophisticated and effective Backup & Archive solutions for managing ever exploding data growth.

Consider the disk drive “farms” of yesterday that many times were composed of 50 to 200 physical devices each at close to 2,000 pounds taking up the equivalent of three to four basketball courts of real estate. Now the same storage has collapsed into one or two 19” racks with significant advanced functionality, virtualization, data tiering and snap copies.

So now in 2014, as we recall the first 25 years we ask where this journey has taken Com- Source and our valued & dedicated employees… as we continue to serve and support all of you, our esteemed and exceptional customers. We pledge to renew our commitment to all of you as follows:

  • Listen to what is important to each of you… our customers!
  • Be responsive and as helpful as humanly possible.
  • Design, architect and propose the best possible hardware and software solutions to tackle the issues, challenges and requirements facing each of you.
  • Continue to be a passionate advocate for every dollar each of you spend and to craft “great” solutions with “great” 3-5 year TCO.
  • Let you know if we believe there is a “better way” that will be more effective and will actually save you money, regardless of the status quo.
  • Finally, when the CAP-Ex funding is not available or you desire a 3 to 4 year tech refresh financing option, we pledge to offer very competitive hardware, software and services lease proposal options coupled with what we believe is the best and most flexible back office leasing department in the industry.

Thank you all for a wonderful and fulfilling “first” 25 years…and we look forward to having an opportunity to work with you, support you and continue to be a valued technology and finance partner in the exciting years to come!

IBM System z Mainframe

On April 7, 2014 another anniversary was being celebrated. The IBM Mainframe was first announced to the world 50 years ago as a computer called the System/360. It was the first system built on “solid logic” semiconductor technology and one in which different models could talk to each other — both novel at the time. Today these systems are known as System z Processors and are vastly more powerful pushing up to 52,000 business transactions per second.

Many have raised concerns about the mainframe’s future. Gartner Research issued a paper in October that said the IBM mainframe market is “far from dead,” but predicted “a growing interest among mainframe customers to migrate off this platform.” Improvements in other, less expensive systems will attract smaller end users, Gartner said. IBM customers “may struggle to justify the value proposition of this flagship IBM platform.” IBM Mainframe processors excel at highvolume transaction processing, a field that is growing as more people do more online banking, buying and other activities that require both speed and security.

ComSource has an extensive inventory of IBM z196 and z114 remanufactured system z processors that can be configured to meet your requirements as a refresh from older infrastructure or for a disaster recovery solution. Contact ComSource today and we can prepare a tailored proposal for you.

IBM DS8000

The IBM System Storage DS8000 series is the flagship disk storage platform within the IBM System Storage portfolio. The IBM DS8870 represents the latest in this series of highperformance, high-capacity, flexible, and resilient disk storage systems. ComSource currently has a number of IBM DS8800 Class Machines pre-owned IBM banded and certified with a minimum of 1-year extended IBM warranty! The IBM DS8800 includes IBM POWER6+ processor technology, 8GB Fibre Channel or FICON Channel host adapters and supports the following drive sizes:

  • 146 GB 15,000 rpm SAS
  • 450 GB 10,000 rpm SAS
  • 600 GB 10,000 rpm SAS
  • 300 GB SSD drive

The 450 GB 10,000 rpm SAS and 600 GB 10,000 rpm SAS drives are additionally offered with Full Disk Encryption!

These IBM DS 8800 units would be a great storage subsystem for both production workload or for a remote Disaster Recovery strategy as all of our DS8800 units can be configured with Global Mirror asynchronous replication! Contact your ComSource representative today!

IBM V7000

IBM Storwize V7000 and Storwize V7000 Unified are virtualized software defined storage systems designed to consolidate workloads into a single storage system for simplicity of management, reduced cost, highly scalable capacity, performance and high availability. These systems offer improved efficiency and flexibility through built-in flash storage optimization, thin provisioning and non-disruptive migration from existing storage. They can also virtualize existing disk systems for a better return on investment. ComSource has many of these V7000 units available refurbished, IBM banded and certified.

IBM Tape

ComSource also has available all of the latest and greatest tape drive and virtual tape systems in the market today. We have the best prices in the market today on all IBM 3592-E07 TS1140, IBM 3592-E06 TS1130, IBM 3588-F6A LTO6, IBM TS7720 and TS7740 Virtual Tape Systems. Please contact your ComSource Account Executive today!

IBM Power

Our ComSource team has a very healthy inventory of IBM Power 7+ servers that can run both OS/400 and/or AIX workload. We can match your required configuration to include available and active processors, memory and additional features and functionality. If you are an IBM end user, running either or both OS/400 / AIX, and you are interested in saving money you owe it to yourself to reach out to ComSource!

Third Party Maintenance

Third party maintenance has been a first-rate resource for our customers to provide further cost reduction and savings realization. Having a proven, reliable alternative to the OEM direct maintenance offering can be extremely beneficial and in turn can help you save many thousands of dollars. If you are looking to reduce IT support costs on your current OEM IT maintenance bill and/or delay an IT equipment refresh or extend the useful life of perhaps older capital equipment, ComSource can help you. Third Party Maintenance support provides the following advantages:

  • Dramatic reductions in IT support costs while receiving higher quality and more responsive maintenance service.
  • Increased control of your capital equipment expenses by increasing the useful life of your IT equipment.
  • Improved data center management through the use of asset management software.
  • Support provided for a wide variety of manufacturers.
  • Continue to achieve all desired SLA’s.
  • A broad range of service levels blended based on your personalized needs.
  • A single point of contact for all of your hardware platforms.

Many of our customers use our “Best in Country” partner affiliate to support their time-sensitive maintenance operations and critical business functions.

If you are looking for customizable portfolio of aggressively priced Same Day and Next Business Day Response services, ComSource can save you money!

ComSource Networking

Our ComSource team can change the financial landscape of your Network requirements by providing your business with choices. We can provide alternatives to potential expensive new Cisco equipment offerings through our fully tested pre-owned and new sealed acquisition options. We have in stock a very attractive package of recent off lease Cisco equipment including the latest NEXUS switches.

Spring Cisco Sale

Qty Description Sale Price
4 CISCO NEXUS 7010 (N7K-C7010-BUN)
Each Bundle Includes:
(2) Nexus 7000 SUP 1 Engines (incl External 8GB Flash) (Pt# N7KSUP1-
(3) Nexus 7000 10 Slot Chassis- 46GBPS/Slot Fabric Module (Pt#
(3) Nexus 7000 6.0KW AC Power Supply (Pt# N7K-AC-6.0KW)
(6) AC Power Cords (Pt# CAB-7513AC)
(1) Nexus Front Door Kit (N7K-C7010-FD-MB)
$7,500 each
8 N7K-M148GS-11L 48 Port GE Module w/ XL Option (Pt# N7K-M148GS-
$7,500 each
64 SFP-GE-L 1000BASE-LX/LH SFP (Pt# SFP-GE-L) $95 each

Subject to availability.
All equipment comes with a 1 year ComSource warranty.
Please note this is a partial list.
For all of your Cisco needs please contact Gene Bausinger at: (315)682-4115 or gbausinger@comsourceny.com.

Dell N-Series

A very cost effective Network alternative is the Dell N-Series switch: The Dell Networking N2000 is an energy saving 1 GbE switch that is designed for a highly scalable network. N2000 switches utilize a comprehensive enterprise – class layer 2 +feature set. They deliver simplified management and high availability in a low cost non-blocking switch.

Dell Security

ComSource views Security with an overall layered approach. At the Firewall layer our team feels very strongly about Dell Sonicwall, a true Next Generation Firewall. Unlike Stateful firewalls which view packets cursorily and pass them forward with little examination Dell Sonciwall is application aware and provides Deep Packet Inspection. The Dell Sonicwall can run AntiMalware, IPS and Application on one economically attractive device.

Don’t forget to check out our website at www.comsourceny.com for our current inventory of all our products! All Equipment comes fully tested and refurbished to like-new condition.

We accept all major credit cards.

Please Read – Special Terms and Conditions:
Quantities and types of equipment available for sale change daily!
Equipment will be located in East Syracuse, NY.
PC Equipment comes with Operating System Only (no original software/CDs).
Orders processed and shipped out 72 hours after receipt of order.(excluding weekends and holidays)
Sale Prices do not include tax.

Nexsan/Imation Data Storage Systems

ComSource is now an Authorized Imation Nexsan Partner. Nexsan is a leading provider of enterprise class data storage, with over 33,000 Nexsan systems installed at 11,000 customers in 60 countries. Acquired back in early 2013 by
$1 Billion Imation Corporation, Nexsan is purpose-built to deliver maximum efficiency and ease-of-use. Nexsan high performance data storage systems are ideal for a broad range of applications — including VM storage, cloud storage, database, surveillance, bulk storage, backup and recovery, disaster recovery
and archive.

E-Series SAN Storage Systems
Nexsan E-Series advanced SAN storage systems deliver industry-leading density and power efficiency for the smallest storage footprint with up to 3 times the capacity in the same space as a typical array, while consuming
up to 85% less power and cooling when idle.

NST Unified Hybrid Storage
The Nexsan NST Hybrid Storage platform simultaneously supports Fibre Channel, iSCSI, NFS, CIFS, SMB and FTP protocols within a single storage operating system leveraging DRAM and SSDs to create a caching tier called FASTier™.

Assureon Archive Storage Systems:
Nexsan Assureon archive storage systems are ideal for primary storage optimization, regulatory and corporate compliance, and the secure, long term retention of files.

Please call us to discuss the many benefits and cost savings Nexsan can provide you and your company.

CommVault Enterprise Data Software

ComSource is part of the Comm-Vault PartnerAdvantage Program, enabling us to maximize our business objectives by building and deploying compelling modern data and information management solutions for you, our valued customers.

CommVault’s Simpana® software suite of products was designed to work together seamlessly from the ground up, sharing a single code and common function set, to deliver superlative Data Protection, Archive, Replication, Search and Resource Management capabilities.

If you answer “No” to any of the following questions…ComSource can show you how easily and cost-efficiently you can implement Comm-Vault software into your environment:

Are you handling your increasing data as an “asset”?
Many companies are not… and with the increasing amount of electronic information companies are creating and/or receiving (both structured and unstructured) the importance of handling these incredibly large amounts of data through effective data management is paramount.

Can you find the content that you or your legal team needs in realtime?
With CommVault Simpana10 software under a single point of management
you can:

  • Conduct real-time searches related to litigation, subpoenas, internal
    investigations, or public information requests
  • Leverage role-based workflow so that the appropriate resources execute assigned tasks during the litigation timeline
  • Secure and preserve responsive data to avoid spoliation using CommVault’s One-Click Legal Hold
  • Review data quickly and easily for responsiveness and/or privilege and mark items accordingly
  • Deliver results securely to outside or opposing counsel in the appropriate electronic format
  • Provide detailed reporting to prove authenticity and chain of custody

Data on the Edge/Workforce Mobility: Is your company’s valuable data outside your data center and IT’s control?
With CommVault Simpana10 software…Under a single point of management you can:

  • Simplify administration with one robust solution for desktop, laptop and server data
  • Reduce risk, improve data availability and meet compliance requirements
  • Lower the cost of protecting remote and mobile data
  • Network and storage efficiency…CommVault technologies enable rapid, reliable and secure protection for the remote and mobile workforce
  • Access protected data from virtually anywhere

The ComSource-CommVault Team delivers a software product you can trust. More companies every day join those who have discovered the unparalleled efficiency, performance, reliability, and control only Comm-Vault can offer. Gartner Group has named CommVault as a Leader in its Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Backup/Recovery Software for the past three years in a row and for Enterprise Archive Software in 2013!

If you would like to learn more about how you can turn your increasing data into an asset instead of a liability, contact your ComSource sales team at 315.682.4115 or email Jen Falso: jfalso@comsourceny.com or Adam Puccia:apuccia@comsourceny.com.

Dell’s PowerEdge Blade Servers

Dell’s 12th generation PowerEdge blade servers offer leading edge enterprise-class features and functionality. Blade servers allow you to achieve more with your IT investment by virtualizing and automating your infrastructure and increasing efficiency. The M1000e blade enclosure holds up to 32 blade servers and can save significant deployment time and reduce environmental, cabling and switchport costs in a power efficient shared infrastructure.

Dell’s Chassis Management Controller (CMC) allows you to manage blades individually or in groups, in a single datacenter or in multiple locations around the world through one interface.

Dell’s PowerEdge blade server portfolio includes the two-socket M620 and the four-socket M820.

PowerEdge M620 Blade Server

The M620 boosts application performance with the Intel Xeon processor E5-2600 & E5-2600v2 product families. It supports up to twelve cores per processor (24 Cores per blade), up to 768GB of system memory and 24-DIMM memory capacity.

PowerEdge M820 Blade Server

The M820 is the perfect fit for core business applications or consolidated workloads. Virtual environments supporting large numbers of virtual machines will find the M820 a perfect choice. With up to four Intel Xeon E5- 4600 processors and up to 1.5TB of RAM per node – 12TB of memory in just a single M1000e chassis – the M820’s remarkable computational capability and memory scalability can address even the toughest demands. PowerEdge M-Series Blade Servers use the redundant power, cooling and networking infrastructure provided by the Dell M1000e blade enclosure, which is easy to deploy and manage and maximizes power and cooling efficiency.

Please contact ComSource to discuss how a blade server implementation could meet your company’s needs.

Selecting Solid State Drives

Solid state drives are exciting technology, but selecting which one requires expertise.


  • Over the past few years Com- Source observed the relentless technological advance in flashbased solid state drives (SSDs). SSDs have many advantages over hard disk drives (HDDs), such as better performance and lower power consumption. However, SSDs are fundamentally different from HDDs in the way they perform writes and the fact that they have a finite number of writes available per SSD. In HDD a write operation overwrites the previous data in-place, whereas SSDs perform an erase operation and then a write operation. In modern SSDs, writes shorten the limited lifespan of SSDs and reads do not.
  • Nevertheless NAND flash memory-based SSDs have been revolutionizing the storage system because of the performance differentiator between the two technologies: spinning disk vs flash memory. As a simple comparison, a 15K drive performs 185 IOPS while an SSD is capable of 2500 IOPS What is SSD?
  • An SSD is a purely electronic device with no mechanical parts and thus can provide lower access latencies, lower power consumption, lack of noise, shock resistance and potentially uniform random access speed. However, there remain two serious challenges limiting wider deployment of SSDs: limited lifespan and cost.
  • The limited lifespan of SSDs remains a concern in reliabilitysensitive applications such as those found in datacenters. The ever-increased bit density for higher capacity in NAND flash memory chips has resulted in a sharp drop in the number of program/ erase cycles from 10K to 5K in recent years. Single Level Cell and Multi Level Cell (SLC and MLC). There are two types of SSD technologies, MLC and SLC, and both are based on NAND memory. SLC uses a single cell to store one bit of data. MLC memory is more complex and can interpret four digital states from a signal stored in a single cell. This makes it denser for a given area in turn making it more cost effective to produce; however, it wears out faster.
  • The most important factor in implementing SSD technology is knowing how to merge the application to the right SSD type. If the application is read intensive, then taking advantage of the low cost MLC is appropriate. However, if the application is write intensive, then SLC is the correct choice even if it is initially more expensive. Please contact ComSource to discuss and guide you in selecting the right SSDs for your needs.


ComSource also has a large inventory of both New/Sealed and Pre-owned Oracle SUN Equipment at incredible savings: Some examples:

  • SUN M3000 dual core 2.86GHz CPUs 8GB RAM 2x300GB DVD and rails
  • SUN M4000 4×2.66GHz CPUs 64GB RAM 2x300GB DVD and rails
  • SUN M5000 8×2.66GHz CPUs 128GB RAM 2x300GB DVD and rails
  • SUN M8000 or M9000 with 16×2.88GHz CPUs 128GB RAM
  • SUN T5140 or T5240 2x8core 32GB RAM 2x300GB

If you need any memory, drives, HBA’s or any other upgrades please give us a call.

Dell Compellent Storage Actual End User Quotations

“A great storage subsystem!”

“The best auto tiering capability I have ever seen.”

“This is the easiest to use storage GUI I have ever worked with!”

“When it was time to execute on a technology refresh we went ahead to replace the 3 year old controller
that actually was working fine, which we did “live” one evening and amazing it’s so simple and we were
set to go for another 3-4 years.”

“Our Company has really found it beneficial to have both SLC-SSD (High Writes) and MLC – SSD (High
Reads) on our Dell Compellent… we are getting blazing speed and performance on all of our workload.”

“What do you mean we don’t have to purchase once again our storage software stack when we add
more drives and/or swap out controllers and cards?”

“Unquestionably the best storage value I have worked with in my 20+ years in IT!”

Announcing New Dell Client Products

Dell Venue Tablet
Dell’s Venue tablets are one of the most versatile tablets yet! These tablets pack a quad-core Intel Atom processor with the Venue 11 Pro containing up to the Core i5, colorful 1080p screen as well as a unique USB port which can be used to connect an external monitor. But the real magic begins when you pair this tablet with one of its optional docks, transforming the device into either a sleek business laptop or a mini desktop. An Android (Venue 7 or 8) or Windows (Venue 8 Pro or 11 Pro) OS is available with varied hard drive size. This mobility and productivity make the Venue tablets ideal for business or personal use.

Dell Latitude E6440

The Dell Latitude E6440 delivers agile performance, reliability, and industry-leading security at a great value. Its thin design, starting at 4.6/lbs can move easily from work to home without compromising efficiency. The Latitude E6440 delivers excellent productivity for content creation and consumption with 4th generation Intel Core up to i7 processor performance and 16GB memory at a great value. The 14” HD anti-glare LED display with integrated HD video webcam and microphone is ideal for collaboration around the laptop or remotely with optional wireless LAN or mobile broadband options. A wide array of storage technology offers ranging from hard drives to highperformance SSD helps meet your budget and insure dependability from this PC. The Latitude E6440 is an adaptable laptop while being the most secure in order to protect your data; your highest valued asset.

Call ComSource today to get the “best in country” pricing on the Venue tablet, Latitude E6440 or any other Dell Client desktop, laptop or tablet offering.


The EMC Disk Library for mainframe (DLm) family of products offers IBM System z mainframe customers the ability to replace their physical tape systems, including traditional virtual tape servers such as the IBM VTS and STK VSM, with a dynamic virtual tape solution, eliminating the challenges tied to traditional tape-based processing. The DLm addresses the challenges of the enterprise data center and delivers industry-leading scalability, performance and availability to mainframe tape operations. DLm combines RAID 6 protected disk storage, hot-standby disks, tape emulation, hardware compression and the ability to combine both primary and deduplication storage in a single manageable solution to meet enterprise mainframe data center tape replacement requirements. The benefits to system z users are significant to include faster backup and much faster restores. Please contact your ComSource Account Executive today to schedule a more in depth discussion.

The Benefits of Leasing

The main benefit of leasing equipment is that it allows you to acquire assets with little to no up-front out of pocket expense. With leasing, there are more flexible terms for acquiring equipment. A Com- Source lease does not require a down payment, so you can obtain the equipment you need without significantly affecting your cash flow. You just have a flat monthly payment over the lease term. Leasing allows you to keep pace with emerging technology. By leasing items that may be outdated in a short period of time, such as computers or other high-tech equipment, the burden of obsolescence stays with ComSource. A short-term lease gives you the opportunity to evaluate whether the equipment fits your needs. Every few years, or whenever the lease term ends, you can upgrade your equipment and get the latest and greatest technology available on the market. If you’ve never leased with ComSource before – please call us for a 10 minute introduction, and you’ll be entered in a drawing to win a Dell Venue 8 or 11 Pro Tablet.


With 25 years of financial services experience, our leasing programs cover all IT equipment – from the IBM System z to the desktop, from the servers to the routers, plus the software that runs them all. We recognize that the business environment is constantly evolving and that a leasing program needs to be flexible and responsive to a customer’s business needs. For this reason, we expanded beyond the data center “glass house” and now our financial arm reaches well outside that data center to include mobility computing, warehouse technology, telephony, point of sale, heavy equipment and office furniture. Along with the equipment, a ComSource lease could include installation, extended maintenance & support, as well as professional services. With our primary focus on you the customer, we continue to design leasing programs that help standardize the leasing process and at the same time are tailored to your specific needs. So why lease with ComSource and what differentiates us from the competition? Our Flexibility and Creativity – We go above and beyond to make leasing work for you with our:

  • Lease Rates – competitive and aggressive
  • Lease Structure – creative and individualized
  • Asset Management – tailored to your needs
  • End of lease – our flexibility makes this process seamless

In addition to very attractive lease rates, you get:

  • One point of contact / specific account representative
  • Easy access to the decision maker (no multiplelevels of approval)
  • The ability to bundle your technology and services
    into one lease
  • Focus on reducing your IT expenses based on our
    knowledge of the marketplace
  • Prompt, accurate and creative responses and solutions
  • Option for an Employee Desktop/Notebook buyout
    program, should you so choose
  • Willingness to go “the extra mile” – our customer’s
    satisfaction is our top priority!

Whether you need Storage or Server infrastructure, or a PC/Notebook refresh, Com- Source can provide you the financing answers to your technology needs.