2nd Quarter 2015

Dell Storage

Big News – Special ComSource offering!

ComSource has available for immediate deployment an advanced Dell Compellent “Flash Optimized” Enterprise Storage system for end users to try out, test, and/or be a part of an exciting Proof of Concept experience. Our “All Flash” Storage Array is high performance across all applications at a best TCO.

Please call Gene Bausinger or Adam Puccia at (315) 682-4115 for more information on this no obligation “Trial/POC” Offering!

So… why does the award-winning Dell Compellent enterprise storage continue to grow market share

  • Dell Compellent Virtual Storage offers highly efficient virtualized storage architecture unavailable anywhere else. With patented, built-in storage intelligence, Dell Compellent® Fluid Data™ storage delivers significant efficiency, scalability, flexibility… all at a “Best in Market” TCO.
    • Perpetual Software Licensing: Never pay for software features you already own again
    • Modular Hardware Design: Using open, industry-standard multi-protocol controller has the ability to run new technology alongside older technology.
    • Live Volume: Business continuity software participate in disasters avoidance strategy
    • Automated Tiering: The world’s first and most granular fully automated tiering resulting in the lowest TCO
    • Chargeback: For insight into consumption and allocation of costs to business leaders
    • Detailed Reporting: From every perspective for true knowledge of your data access trends
  • The Fluid Data architecture automates the movement and management of data at the most granular level, enabling organizations to constantly adapt to change, slash costs and secure information against downtime or disaster. Detailed information about each block of data is captured in real time providing unprecedented system intelligence. A sophisticated data-movement engine captures these use characteristics and intelligently stores, protects and manages your data.
  • Other enterprise-class storage systems are comprised of proprietary, special-purpose hardware, such as backplanes, shared memory architecture and disk shelves. Huge amounts of resources are devoted to developing and testing these proprietary hardware products (with the associated costs passed on to the end-user). Moreover, special-purpose hardware quickly becomes obsolete, with a long wait time until new-generation processors, switches, and other components are integrated. The Dell Compellent Storage Center is based on open, standards-based hardware designed to enable rapid deployment and expansion of compute, network, cache and storage without disruption of service. This translates to lower cost.
  • The Dell Virtual Storage architecture offers a no rip-and-replace with detailed reporting providing insight into your ongoing data storage design requirements to remove the guess work.
  • Flash storage can deliver the biggest performance boost to the applications that run highly transactional, I/O-intensive workloads with random read-intensive or write-intensive I/O, including OLTP, Data Warehousing and VDI. In these workloads, flash storage can support business-accelerating projects by bringing new levels of real-time responsiveness.
  • In addition to supporting the initiatives designed to accelerate business, increasing operational efficiencies is another major benefit of Flash. Since a Flash storage solution needs less hardware than a traditional storage platform for the same workload, enterprises can minimize the data center footprint. Less hardware means lower power consumption and cooling, lower software license along with lower support costs, and an overall reduction of operational expenses. Finally, a smaller system with fewer disks is simpler to manage, may be less prone to outages and downtime requiring fewer administrators, further reducing operational expenses.

With its recent enhancements, the Dell/Compellent array, Dell’s enterprise-class unified block and file storage platform, changes the economics of Flash storage opening up the use of Flash to a broader set of deployments at a more accessible price point. Continuing the evolution of the Compellent platform, Dell leverages Flash, storage tiering and dense storage technology advancements to drive down costs of storage while boosting performance of the applications.

The Dell Perpetual Software Mode
One of the most unique drivers of customer satisfaction is the concept that the software license for the system should be perpetual to the customer and not tied to the machine. That means as customers upgrade their systems, they do not have to pay additional software license fees as they upgrade to latest controllers.

  • Dell Support Dell Compellent Copilot Support is a comprehensive and unique support offering developed to help ensure the satisfaction of every Dell Compellent customer. The goal with Copilot is to identify problems before customers do. Proactive remote monitoring is constantly checking and verifying system status and reporting all issues in real-time. How does Dell Compellent Flash Storage Deliver ValueA Flash enclosure, designed to be used for all-Flash and Hybrid-Flash arrays, supports multi-tiering of Flash between new higher capacity and lower cost read-intensive multi-level-cell (MLC) SSDs and write-intensive single-level-cell (SLC) SSDs and the traditional rotating drives. Combined with Flash enclosures, SC 6.5 delivers high-performance Flash storage at a fraction of the cost compared to other storage solutions.Dell/Compellent High Capacity, Read-Intensive MLC SSD’sThere are several types of SSDs on the market, each with different attributes designed to deliver the best performance, cost or endurance. Most of the available Flash shared storage solutions use a single type of SSDs, usually a Write-Intensive (WI) SLC SSDs which have high endurance but lower capacity at a high cost. In Dell/Compellent’s innovative approach in which two types of Flash drives are deployed in a single enclosure, flash is tiered across the SLC SSDs and MLC SSDs, which have a higher capacity and lower endurance but a considerably lower price.Dell/Compellent All-Flash Array vs. a Single SSD-type Competitive All-Flash Array.In this example, we compare the total cost of a Compellent all-Flash system (with flash tiering across SLC and MLC SSDs) with a competitive all-flash system based on a single SSD type. As the Compellent solution mixes different types of SSD drives, it uses larger, lower cost MLC SSDs to provide most of the required capacity. Consequently, to reach the same storage capacity, the Compellent solution will need less hardware, power and cooling, software and support.Dell/Compellent Hybrid-Flash Array vs. a Competitive Hybrid SolutionIn this example, we compare the $/GB solution price of a Compellent Hybrid Array with that of an aggregate $/GB of a competitive Hybrid system. As discussed, the Dell/Compellent Hybrid Array has three storage tiers, with Tier 1 populated with the SLC SSDs, Tier 2 with the MLC SSDs and Tier 3 with the 7K RPM HDDs. The competitive Hybrid systems are based on a single type of SSD drive such as SLC or eMLC and HDD drives. Blending the $/GB across multiple drive types achieved with Flash tiering results in a significant price advantage of the Dell/Compellent system.


IBM System z

Our team here at ComSource has a very exciting announcement to make; we are just now getting our hands on the first pre-owned, banded, certified and almost new IBM zEC12-2827 processor!

Why spend over $1,000/MIPS for a new IBM System z processor when you can acquire an “almost new” zEC12 for about 1/3 the cost of a new IBM mainframe processor?

Here is an example for you:

Product: IBM zEC12 2827-703
With 4,151 MIPS
With 64GB Memory
With 32 Ficon Channels
With qty (2) zIIP Engines
With qty (2) ICF Engines

Projected ComSource Discounted Price: $1,350,000 (with system z trade-in)
Projected ComSource 36 Month Lease: $39,000/month
End User Price Per MIPS: $325/MIPS

Let us take in on trade your current IBM CPU and give you top dollar ($$) for that IBM system z processor.

Why not refresh your IBM processor technology and save money at the same time OR even if you already

have an IBM zEC12 processor for production, why not procure a second one for your own internal Disaster

Recovery initiative? Not only are our IBM System z processors less expensive than you may think, over the next three years you will save money. If you are an end user with an IBM Mainframe Model z10, zII4 or z196. Please take one minute to consider the following:


Replace your current older IBM Processor with a fully remanufactured IBM zEC12 supplied by ComSource

Reduced Maintenance: If you currently use IBM for o 40%. Immediate payback!

IBM Software: As you are aware by reducing MSU levels on your IBM System z processor you and your company will experience a reduction in monthly or annual IBM software expenses.

Typically we are seeing most end users experience a real drop in IBM software expense of approximately 18-20%/month once they reduce 20% with an MSU level.

Reduced Third Party ISV Software: With an MSU drop of 20% you would be positioned to strongly negotiate with your ISV providers to request reduction in your annual ISV support contracts. If you are finding it challenging to get any concessions from your ISV’s just let ComSource know and we have a team to assist you towards achieving some ISV reductions.

Additional Features & Capabilities: The following benefits and capabilities are available with a zEC12 deployment:
ZIIP Engines – DB2 offload
ZAAP Engines – JAVA offload Faster Specialty Engines
IFL Linux
ICF Internal Coupling


Consider Third Party Maintenance: There are many very high quality third party IBM maintenance providers in the marketplace today. These companies have the experience, the references and the track record supporting Enterprise accounts with 7x24x365 support. We are seeing savings in the 40% range versus discounted IBM maintenance rates to most Fortune 1500 end users.


Let ComSource prepare a sample and tailored proposal for an IBM zEC12 Processor. We sell them, we lease them.

Together let’s compare operating costs. It can’t hurt, it can only help and we will help do the leg work!

Next Step: Call our IBM System z Product Manager, Adam Puccia at (315) 682-4115 or (315) 682-3416!

Enterprise End to End Data Management

ComSource architects, sells and deploys the industries #1 Backup & Recovery Data Management solution… CommVault. In fact, for the past four (4) years in a row CommVault has been selected as the #1 rated solution by Gartner Group. Older Legacy Backup solutions continue to struggle with limited new features and functionality, a weak and non-existent future road-map or painfully expensive proprietary appliances that the manufacturer want users to replace every three (3) years.

There is a better way… and the good/great news about deploying CommVault (a software solution that allows users to leverage most any hardware) is that after CommVault is successfully managing the backups you can easily add these important and valuable data management capabilities.

  • eDiscovery
  • Legal Hold
  • Archive
  • Edge – EndPoint Data Protection

Following are three (3) Reasons why ComSource is the Best Partner to work with and leverage for a CommVault Backup & Recovery Deployment

Reason #1 ComSource only focuses on CommVault

CommVault is the only enterprise “End to End” Data Management solution that we sell. ComSource is also a CommVault “Focus” Partner, placing us in the top 10% of all CommVault partners. In short, we live it, breathe it and sleep it …24×7. We remain confident that ComSource can be a valuable complimentary resource to your assigned CommVault technical engineers.

Reason #2 ComSource has now achieved “Masters” Certification

On Friday, February 20th, 2015 ComSource was pleased to announce our Chief Technology Officer, Rami Hyary, passed the very difficult and challenging CommVault “Masters Certification Test”.
Actually, there is only one other CommVault Partner in the Northeast with a CommVault “Certified Master” on staff. (Less than 1% of all VAR technical engineers in the Country).

The CommVault Certified Master has expert level understanding of the following CommVault Simpana core technologies including:

  • Common Technology Engine (CommServe, Media Agents, Indexing)
  • Processes and log files
  • Architecture and storage design (disk, tape, deduplication, and cloud)
  • Data protection (backup, recovery, Simpana OnePass™, virtualization, and IntelliSnap® technology)
  • Security (firewall, encryption and CommCell® security)
  • Data and information management (DLM/ILM concepts, retention, reference copy, compliance design and content indexing and search)
  • Troubleshooting (methodology, tools and log analysis). What this means to our valued customers; as an advocate and partner supporting each of you, Rami is available to assist and complement the CommVault technical resources and provide true value and benefits to all of you in all of the areas outlined above.

Reason #3 CommVault SOW Process for CommVault Enterprise Data Management projects:

To help reinforce how our Reason #1 and Reason #2 in turn benefit our ComSource Enterprise customers we prepare a very detailed and disciplined SOW for each and every CommVault proposal. We believe with ComSource running point on technology projects good things tend to happen. We believe our ComSource crafted CommVault SOW is the best and most comprehensive VAR SOW in the industry.

  • Special Note: If you are not pleased with your current Backup and Recovery solution (either hardware, software or combined hybrid infrastructure) …and if you feel your company/business would benefit from deploying a robust and capable solution for additional Data Management requirements, such as eDiscovery, Legal Hold, Archive or Edge-EndPoint protection, please reach out Adam Puccia here at ComSource (315) 682-4115 or (315) 682-3416

IBM Mainframe Tape

The new IBM TS4500 tape library storage solution with support for IBM LTO Ultrium 5 and 6 tape drives and the new IBM 3592 TS1150 Model E08 allows you to greatly reduce your required floor space for tape hardware. The new fifth generation IBM 3592 Enterprise Tape drive, the TS1150 Model E08 provides much higher levels of performance, reliability, and cartridge capacity than previous generation tape drives.

IBM’s TS7700 Mainframe Virtual Appliance Family optimizes data protection and business continuance for System z data and is offered in two models, the TS7720 and TS7740. Through the use of virtualization and disk cache, the TS7700 family operates at disk speeds while maintaining compatibility with existing tape operations. Its fully integrated tiered storage hierarchy takes advantage of both disk and tape technologies to deliver performance for active data and best economics for inactive and archive data.

IBM LTO Tape – The LTO Consortium of HP, IBM and Quantum, recently announced an extended product roadmap that includes two additional generations 9 and 10 with even more capacity and throughput. IBM’s current generation of LTO technology – LTO generation 6 TS1060 3588-F6A – supports tape cartridge storage compressed capacity of up to 6.25TB*, more than twice the compressed capacity over the previous generation and tape drive data transfer rates of up to ~400MB per second for over 1.4 terabytes of storage performance an hour per drive.

ComSource has available all of the latest and greatest tape drive and virtual tape systems in the market today. We have the best prices in the market today on all IBM 3592-E08 TS1150, IBM 3592-E07 TS1140, IBM 3592-E06 TS1130, IBM 3588-F6A LTO6, IBM TS7720 and TS7740 Virtual Tape Systems. To learn more about these new announcements from IBM or to inquire about our pricing please contact your ComSource Account Executive today!

IBM Announcement – End of Support on IBM Disk Models DS6800, DS8100 and DS8300

On Tuesday March 10th IBM provided notice that the DS6800 will be discontinued from maintenance services effective September 30, 2015. In that same notice they announced that the IBM DS8100 and DS8300 would be discontinued from maintenance services effective March 31, 2016. If you are utilizing any of these models in your environment today please contact ComSource and we will review your options for either moving to a Third Party Support Model or refreshing your hardware to a supported enterprise disk subsystem.

IBM Enterprise Disk Family

IBM Disk, Hybrid Disk and Flash storage systems provide storage efficiency capabilities such as compression, automatic tiering, virtualization, and thin provisioning. These storage solutions increase the data storage landscape for organizations of all sizes to boost system performance and lower IT costs.

The IBM System Storage DS8000 series is the flagship disk storage platform within the IBM System Storage portfolio. The IBM DS8870 represents the latest in this series of high-performance, high-capacity, flexible, and resilient disk storage systems.

IBM XIV Storage System is high-end Flash-Optimized data storage built to deliver out-of-the-box simplicity, resiliency and predictability that are ideal for cloud and big-data analytics environments. XIV Storage Systems are designed for uncompromising five-nines availability, continuous operation without interruption to data access and industry-standard security.

IBM V7000 are virtualized, enterprise-class storage systems providing the foundation for implementing an effective storage infrastructure. They can reduce the cost of storage while maintaining application performance.

ComSource can deliver IBM DS8870, IBM XIV and IBM V7000 to include previous generations as well as components to help configure a system that fits your needs. Whether your requirements are for a storage subsystem to handle a production workload or for a remote Disaster Recovery strategy our IBM disk units can be configured to your specifications. Contact your ComSource representative today!


The EMC Disk Library for mainframe (DLm) allows you to store various data types with primary and deduplication storage support. The fastest mainframe virtual tape library, Disk Library for mainframe gives enterprises the capability to scale in performance and capacity. The DLm addresses the challenges of the mainframe data center and delivers industry leading performance and availability to tape operations, while working seamlessly with current host software and applications. The Disk Library for mainframe offers two models; the DLm2100 for commercial users and the DLm8100 for enterprise customers.

The DLm2100 can be configured with either VNX5300 storage or a variety of Data Domain storage systems with up to two virtual tape engines.

The DLm8100 can be configured with VMAX storage, VNX7500, the Data Domain DD990 or a combination of VNX7500 and DD990. The DLm8100 provides massive scalability and can support up to eight virtual tape engines.

DLm combines mainframe tape emulation with RAID 6 protected disk storage, hot standby disks, deduplication, and hardware compression to provide your mainframe tape environment with a high capacity and performance oriented solution in the smallest possible footprint.

Please contact your ComSource Account Executive today to schedule a more in depth discussion.


ComSource supplies cost -effective solutions. Be it current technology or legacy

hardware, we provide the widest range of equipment for your IT needs. Within the Power space, ComSource can deliver POWER8 as well as previous generations of Power Systems (POWER7+, etc.) and components to help configure a system that fits your needs. Regardless of your equipment needs, we can help. We work to combine the right approach with the right equipment to create the best IT infrastructure for your business.

To learn more about our POWER offerings from IBM or to inquire about our pricing please contact your ComSource Account Executive today!

Announcing New Dell “Client” Products!

Dell Venue Tablets

Dell’s Venue tablets are still one of the most versatile tablets yet! The Venue 11 Pro 7000 Series now offers Intel 5th Generation Core M processors in the new model 7140 that enhances the tablet’s graphics and battery efficiency. These tablets pack up to the Intel Core i5, colorful 1080p screen as well as a unique USB port which can be used to connect an external monitor, among other user-friendly accessories. The Venue tablets are now packing a punch with up to 8GB RAM memory and 256GB storage for home and business use. This mobility, productivity and adaptability of the Venue tablets make them ideal for work or personal use. The Venue 11 Pro 7000 Series helps you stay productive with the portability of a tablet, power of an Ultrabook™ and experience of a desktop in one device.

New Dell Latitude Series Notebooks

The Dell Latitude Laptop series delivers reliable performance, exceptional manageability, and industry-leading security at a great value. Grow your business and stay productive anywhere with these fully featured and beautifully designed notebooks. These Dell Latitude series laptops deliver excellent productivity and will power through everyday tasks with the new 5th generation Intel Broadwell processor, up to an i7 at a great value. Available now in a 3000, 5000, and 7000 series, this PC contains an LED HD display ranging from 12” to 15.6”, with the option for a touch screen display as well, and can be connected to a docking station for a full desktop experience. With a wide array of storage technology, this laptop offers solid-state hybrid drives as well as high-performance solid-state drives (SSD) for large, reliable storage capacity and ensures added reliability from the PC. End users of all landscapes will appreciate the adaptability and consistency of these New Dell business-class laptops.

Call ComSource today to get the “Best in Country” pricing on the Venue, Latitude Series Notebooks, or any other Dell Client desktop, laptop or tablet offering!


ComSource provides the complete Cisco portfolio from the WAN and Wireless to the Edge right through to NEXUS at the core.

With the ComSource inventory of fully tested off-lease, refurbished and new surplus Cisco Hardware we can drastically cut customers cost on the exact same original Cisco devices you would order from other channels. Not only can we reduce the expenditure on the actual hardware but our engineering staff with years of expertise can also help craft multiple solutions and give our customers options where your Cisco rep is directed to push you into the next technology whether it is needed or not.

ComSource/Cisco projects:

  • LAN Switching-Provides full pre-sale engineering, deployment and installation of core and closet switches. Very often while providing much beefier switches than the customer originally thought budget would allow per Cisco’s pricing.
  • VOIP- Provide full pre-sale engineering, deployment and installation of Cisco Call Manager and all related POE switches.
  • WAN- Provide full pre-sale engineering, deployment and installation of Cisco routers and routing design.

This is just a small sample of ComSource’s off Lease inventory with our fully tested product that we stand behind 100% and ability to support the product as a full solution provider …WHY PAY MORE?


ComSource is a Gold Partner of Gigamon, the market leader in traffic visibility fabric solutions. Gigamon provides full visibility of traffic across the physical and virtual environments without affecting performance or stability of the production network and with zero packet loss.

Gigamon’s GigaVUE portfolio delivers the Network traffic directly to the appropriate management , analysis and security tools with complete visibility to those tools.

Many customers are moving their Network’s to 10GB even 40GB. Because a Gigamon device directs only the relevant traffic to the correct tool there is no need for an expensive upgrade of 1 Gig tools. Also, there is no need to be in danger of over subscribing a switch or giving up an expensive port to be utilized as a Span. A Gigamon device can take the monitoring traffic right off the switch itself.

  • Gigamon Security Visibility- With a Gigamon solution, end users can benefit from faster detection and containment of a breach.
  • Architectural approach- ensure that all security tools get high fidelity and consistent traffic view
  • Take out the guess of work of where to place the proper security tools.
  • Rapid Access to the movement malware once a network has been breached.
  • Faster identification of breaches leads to faster containment.

To get more information on Gigamon solutions, please contact your Comsource representative today.

Dell’s x86 13th Generation Blade Servers, Blade Centers & M1000e Chassis

ComSource, as a total technology solutions provider, focuses considerable time, effort, and investment on providing our customers and the broader datacenter marketplace with “OPEN”, “Cost Containing” and “Easy-to-Use” high-density Blade Center solutions from Dell.

We understand and greatly appreciate the architectural and economic issues IT Administrators and IT Executives are confronted with in their datacenters. Generally speaking, IT Administrators are concerned with architectural and power savings issues as they relate to hardware infrastructure in their datacenters. IT Executives, on the other hand, are primarily focused on the bigger picture. That is, improving the processes and technology in order to save money, make money, reduce risk and drive business forward.

Our collective goal is to help IT Administrators and IT Executives resolve these business issues by providing technology solutions that deliver on the following business goals:

  • Investment Protection
  • Cost Containment
  • Ease of Use
  • Deployment

Dell’s unique M1000e Blade Solution will allow our customers to exceed all of these goals.

Dell’s Open Approach to the Data Center allows companies to avoid proprietary architectures that create vendor lock-in and possible expensive “rip and replace” consequences. Dell’s Open Approach to the Data Center allows you to achieve more by choosing a best of breed, open solution that will integrate seamlessly & reliably with your core datacenter infrastructure and with your existing Blade environment.

The Dell PowerEdge M630 is an ultra-efficient half-height blade server combining up to 36 cores of Intel processing power and 24 DIMMs of DDR4 memory in a dense, easy-to-manage platform ideal for data center workloads.

Dell’s PowerEdge M630 Blade Servers utilize the latest Intel E5 2600 V3 processors and ¼” Blade Form Factors. Customers can expect system performance increases of up to 40% over servers with the previous chip set and with Dell Blades customers are investing in a Blade solution that provides 2x the computing density as the competition. Better performance combined with ¼” Blades allows you to consolidate hardware, INCREASE DENSITY & reduce power & cooling costs, allowing you to do a lot more with a lot less while containing costs.

Drive peak performance
The ample memory capacity of the M630’s 24 DDR4 DIMM slots and up to four 1.8” SSDs — twice the number of Flash drives per server than previous generations unleashes the workload capabilities of your converged infrastructure. This extreme memory density and high-bandwidth memory makes the M630 ideal for workloads like high-performance computing (HPC).

Tailor your blades to your business

The M630 provides flexibility to optimize in-server storage and I/O performance, allowing you to tailor your servers to your workloads today and tomorrow. With a range of drive options from two 2.5” hard drives or Express Flash PCIe SSDs to up to four 1.8” SSDs, it’s easy to configure in-server storage to meet your needs. For network flexibility, the M630 features Dell Select Network Adapters. These modular integrated NICs offer you a choice of fabric, speed and vendor, allowing you to precisely address workload bandwidth requirements and enable rapid access to the storage resources your server or cloud requires— NAS or SAN.

Dell’s PowerEdge M630 Blade Servers have a number of features that address the Ease of Deployment, Ease of Maintenance and overall Ease of Use business issue.

  • Dell’s iDRAC8 with LifeCycle Controller embeds system management features directly on the server which eliminates the media based system management tools and utilities typically needed for system management.
  • Dell’s Flex-Address technology configures WWN’s and MAC addresses to the slot on the M1000e chassis, not the blade. This means a Blade Server can be removed/replaced without having to remap and reconfigure SAN or network addressing saving significant time and money.
  • Dell’s Open Managed Connections allows you to add PowerEdge Servers into your data center without having to introduce yet another management console for you and your staff to learn.

In addition, our design and installation enhancements, like our Top of the Rack Switching fabric and our expertly crafted Statement of Work (SOW), demonstrates our commitment to providing significant value-added benefits to our customers. In all aspects of our business, ComSource strives to differentiate ourselves in the marketplace.


CommVault’s exclusive single-platform architecture gives companies unprecedented control over data growth, costs and risk. CommVault’s Simpana software suite of products was designed to work together seamlessly from the ground up, sharing a single code and common function set, to deliver superlative Data Protection, Archive, Replication, Search and Resource Management capabilities. More companies every day join those who have discovered the unparalleled efficiency, performance, reliability, and control only CommVault can offer. For more information please contact ComSource today or go to our website at http://comsourceny.com/partners/commvault/.

Archive and eDiscovery:

“Simplify Archive for Search and Compliance”

Reduce Cost, Risk and Complexity for Compliance, Legal and Information Governance Process by leveraging the Simpana ContenStore…an efficient, storage-agnostic virtual repository for all Simpana-managed information.

Benefits in simplifying Archive for Search and Compliance:

  • IT, Legal and Compliance teams are enabled to centralized control and streamline discovery across all ESI
  • Retain, store, classify and access information according to its business, compliance or evidentiary value with content-based retention
  • Manage data intelligently, automatically and cost-effectively throughout its lifecycle
  • Simplify administration with a single data repository and a central deletion point
  • Leverage a scalable and adaptable technology to keep pace with the business as it evolves
  • Choose the best strategy earlier in the audit or litigation process by rapidly finding key evidence and assessing your position while monitoring costs
  • Automate reporting for auditors to significantly reduce response times for an internal or external audit

Case Study:

Industry: Legal

Platform: Microsoft Windows

Applications: Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Active Directory, SQL Server, SharePoint, VMware, Specialized legal industry applications

Challenges: Dispersed tape-base backup across 11 regional offices placed an undue burden on remote and datacenter staff.

Backups and restores were unreliable.

Three separate products for data backups, virtual server protection and disaster recovery were costly to manage and maintain.

Virtual server protection was compromised by unstable snapshot management

Solution: CommVault Simpana software with snapshot management, backup, recovery, deduplication and replication.

Benefits: Single platform with unified data protection enabled the elimination of disparate point solutions, saving time and money.

Dramatic improvement in backup reliability; granular restores of all files and data has boosted confidence and trust in data access and availability.

Administrative overhead reduced from 30 hours to two hours each week.

Virtual server protection has been elevated significantly; hundreds of virtual machines and dynamic workloads are supported seamlessly

EndPoint Data Protection:

Desktop, Laptop & Mobile Backup Designed for Mobile Enterprises

CommVault’s Endpoint Data Protection solution can be purchased modularly to meet your unique needs…see how these EndPoint Protection features can benefit your company and you:

Rapid endpoint backup and recovery – Helps gain control of endpoint data with rapid, efficient, secure and transparent laptop and desktop protection, featuring source-side deduplication, opportunistic scheduling, and bandwidth throttling.

Lower business risk by protecting your intellectual property with a policy driven approach.

Increase productivity with anywhere, anytime access to protected data through a web portal, mobile app and natively in Windows Explorer.

Secure File Sharing – Keeps files accessible across laptops and mobile devices, so employees have what they need, when they need it. Fosters enterprise-wide collaboration – without employees relying on IT or risky consumer cloud services. Ensure sensitive business data remains safe and corporate data guidelines are met with IT customized policies.

Integrated Compliance and eDiscovery – Improve governance with enterprise-wide search, discovery and legal hold. Accelerate legal response times and compliance readiness through a single collection and search of all Electronically Stored Information (ESI) across your enterprise.

Deliver security and efficiency with role based access and the ability to easily place searched data into legal hold.

Comprehensive Security and Data Loss Prevention – Utilize remote wipe capabilities to minimize the risk of critical business data being stolen or lost due to an unforeseen event.

Ensure data security and compliance by encrypting data in transit and at rest to comply with industry and government regulations and standards. CommVault Simpana Software is FIPS 140-2 certified. Prevent unauthorized access by selective encryption of files and folders.

Analytics – Visualize Your Data to Gain Insights and Intelligence. Make informed decisions with powerful insights. Comprehensive and easy to review dashboard helps assess compliance requirements. Manage company, group or individual endpoint data with insights including file type, age and size.

Contact ComSource today for a Data Management solution to meet your needs at 315-682-4115 or email APuccia@ComSourceny.com

ASIC vs. Merchant Silicone – Why should you care?

An Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) is an integrated circuit (IC) customized for a particular use of which the advantage is speed. By programming the hardware integrated circuit to perform a specific function, the designer gets fast execution in a compact package unobtainable by using general computing IC. ASIC weds software to hardware into a functional device. The initial ASICs used gate array technology. Ferranti International Plc produced the first gate-array, the ULA (Uncommitted Logic Array) around 1980. An early successful commercial application was the ULA circuitry found in the 8-bit ZX81 and ZX Spectrum low-end personal computers (source: Wikipedia). Today ASICs are being used in many applications; one of which is in the networking industry.

Creating ASIC is complex and expensive. The ASIC engineer needs to take into account the hardware property of the IC and use specialized tools to design the hardware and software package. In typical implementation, the software comes with an ASIC based device which is proprietary and the customer “locks” into the solution from a particular vendor. History has shown any solution that is based on proprietary and unique design is more expensive than open-standard based platforms. In networking, ASIC based solutions are offered from main vendors such as Cisco, HP and Dell. The combination of solutions leads to lower costs. ComSource is always searching to provide high performance solutions to our customers at a lower cost which leads us to the discussion on Merchant Silicone.

Merchant Silicone is a general purpose integrated circuit that can be programmed using readily available operating systems such as Linux to do specialized work; in networking that means Bare Metal Switches. Merchant Silicone IC is available from Broadcom Trident 11 Chips or Intel. Linux based routing and switching has been available since the inception of Unix but implementation on general purpose CPUs such as the Intel x86 architecture was never fast enough to be used as a real Layer two (2) or three (3) device. With the latest version of Merchant Silicone offering speed and network operating system choices, the transition from 1Gb networks to 10Gb networks becomes very affordable.

Contact ComSource at (315) 682-4115 to discuss Bare Metal Switches, Software Defined Network and/or 1Gb to 10Gb transition!

IBM Hardware Maintenance and Support

ComSource through its 3rd party maintenance provider offers a cost-efficient support model designed for post-warranty maintenance that provides substantial savings of 50+ percent on IBM product families including zSeries, pSeries, iSeries, xSeries, and most disk, tape and connectivity peripherals. By extending the useful life of IBM hardware beyond an End-of-Life declaration, we help businesses reduce the total cost of ownership and generate a greater return from their IT investments. Our 3rd party maintenance provider is well known by Gartner and IDC, having a long list of IBM hardware support references. ComSource offers more than a simple break/fix service; listening closely to our clients’ needs to provide a proactive and consultative service. ComSource provides expert guidance over the course of an IT asset’s lifecycle, helping create new efficiencies in IT operations and simplifying the responsibilities of IT managers.

Service Highlights:

  • Average savings of 50% compared to IBM
  • Global service availability
  • 90+ owned and operated service centers worldwide
  • Vast global network of trusted affiliates
  • 600+ highly trained, full – time Field Engineers located worldwide
  • Level 3 & 4 global technical support via 60+ member Central Engineering Group
  • Tailored asset-level SLAs
  • Field engineers arrive on-site with tested parts in-hand
  • Documented escalation procedures
  • Microcode/firmware support guidance
  • Carefully designed parts sparing system for each IBM platform
  • Strategic stocking locations for parts and complete systems
  • Secure data erasure options available
  • Fix-IT-First® policy
  • HotSparesSM process

Nexsan/Imation Storage

A few exciting announcements:

On February 13th, Nexsan announced it is now offering HGST’s 8TB Ultrastar® hard disk drives with its Nexsan E-Series™ family of data storage solutions. Now with E-Series, users can store up to 144TB of data in just two rack units and nearly 5PB in a standard rack, unlocking new levels of density and capacity customization in their data centers. With HGST’s 8TB drives, we can deliver more capacity to users and lower their operating expenses – but even more, we offer them new flexibility and options for architecting their data centers and deliver new levels of value.

On February 24th, Nexsan/Imation debut their Entry Level Nexsan NST2000 Hybrid Storage. The new dual-controller systems employ the company’s FASTier caching technology, which uses DRAM and solid-state drives (SSDs) to speed up data storage operations and boost application performance. Able to handle both block and file storage workloads, the new appliances are best suited for organizations that need fast access to large data sets and files, according to Mike Stolz, Vice President of marketing and technical support for Imation Nexsan.

Dell has taken the #2 server spot with 16.7% market share

IDC released the Q4 2014 Quarterly Server Tracker report and it revealed that Dell has taken the #2 server spot with 16.7% market share.

According to the press release, “HP experienced solid demand for its x86-based ProLiant servers, particularly in the EMEA, Asia/Pacific, and Japan. Dell moved into the number 2 position in the worldwide server market for the first time following a server revenue increase of 11.9% year over year to $2.4 billion holding 16.7% factory revenue market share in 4Q14.” IBM followed up with 3rd place with 13.7% market share and Cisco came in a distant 5th with only 5.3% market share.

According to the International Data Corporation’s (IDC) Worldwide Quarterly Server Tracker, factory revenue in the worldwide server market increased 1.9% year over year to $14.5 billion in the fourth quarter of 2014 (4Q14). This was the third consecutive quarter of year-over-year revenue growth, as server market demand remained positive due to an on-going enterprise refresh cycle coupled with continued infrastructure investments by cloud service providers. Worldwide server shipments increased 2.8% to 2.5 million units in 4Q14 when compared with the same year-ago period.

To read the full press release, visit http://www.idc.com/getdoc.jsp?containerId=prUS25461815​ Source: http://bladesmadesimple.com/2015/03/idc-worldwide-server-tracker-q4-2014-released/