4th Quarter 2014

CommVault…not your average Backup & Recovery Software

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  • CommVault has been positioned as a leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Backup/Recovery for the 4th consecutive year.
  • As the foundation for a modern approach to data protection, Simpana software transcends the limitations of legacy approaches and point products by integrating application awareness with hardware snapshots, indexing, global deduplication, replication, search, and reporting…all within a single platform.
  • From the datacenter… to the edge to the cloud, Simpana software modernizes your backup and recovery

Snapshot Management – Harness the Power of Efficiency

  • Simpana® software IntelliSnap® technology integrates the complex lifecycle of snapshot management into one seamless framework.

Virtual Machine Integration – Automate Protection of Virtual Machines

  • Protect hundreds of virtual machines in minutes with IntelliSnap™ technology
  • Deploy highly scalable, highly resilient virtual machine protection in a “Grid-based” Architecture
  • Minimize performance impact on production hosts related to data protection operations
  • Unify data protection of physical and virtual environments
  • Support cross-platform (VMware vCenter, vCloud Director and Microsoft HyperV) protection in a single platform solution

Replication – Increase Data Availability

Regardless of the underlying storage devices, Simpana software provides automated options to replicate data without impact to production systems.

“CommVault solved our problem of wanting to move away from tape but also set up a simple DR site. By using replication and deduplication we are able to now back up our data 24/7 with no impact on production systems.

Plus we have multiple copies in multiple sites across our city, satisfying all of our retention and DR compliance requirements.”

— IT Systems Analyst, Educational Institution

CommVault’s Simpana OnePass ™ feature is the industry’s first converged process for backup, archive and reporting from a single data collection and common infrastructure.

CommVault’s innovative 4th generation Deduplicationprovides a consolidated, global end-to-end approach that is flexible, scalable and cost-effective.

Reporting and Insights- Control Cost, Risk & Complexity

Simpana software has robust, built-in reporting analytics to enable the delivery of IT as a Service, infrastructure cost planning, insight into operations and simplified compliance audits. Managed from a single console, Simpana software eliminates the need for disparate, third-party reporting tools.

Search, eDiscovery & Legal

Simpana software leverages a single, intelligent index across both backup and archive data to empower you and your business users to quickly and easily search, classify, select and retrieve all Electronically Stored Information (ESI) retained in the Simpana ContentStore—the virtual repository of all Simpana-managed information. With an enhanced, native search experience, end-users or legal and compliance teams can instantly and intuitively find what they need when the clock is ticking.

ContentStore-Achieve Maximum Efficiency, Productivity and Protection
As the back-end repository for all Simpana-managed information, ContentStore consolidates protection and archive data to eliminate inefficient data silos that waste resources and infrastructure. An intelligent index provides global awareness for your data so you can quickly find what you need, when you need it.

Dell’s 13th Generation PowerEdge Servers

Dell’s 13th generation PowerEdge servers bring you powerful server solutions to accelerate workloads, automate management and simplify deployment. In Dell’s most advanced lineup of rack, tower and shared infrastructure platforms to date, you get peak performance, versatile configurations, zero-touch deployment and intelligent management embedded in every server. Next-generation PowerEdge servers deliver more performance, more density and more intelligent options like:

  • An optimal mix of flash and high-capacity local drives for virtual storage solutions
  • Double the storage throughput for dramatically faster access
  • A range of IO and RAID choices so you can fine-tune application performance

Dell’s initial rollout of 13th Generation servers includes:

  • PowerEdge R730xd: This 2-socket, 2U rack server is designed for scale-out storage efficiency. Configurations include 1.8″ SATA SSDs, 12Gb SAS SSDs and ultra-high-performance NVMe Express Flash PCIe drives that enable optional Dell Fluid Cache application-acceleration technology.
  • PowerEdge R730: This 2-socket, 2U high performance rack server, with the Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600 v3 product family and up to 24 DIMMs of DDR4 RAM, has the processing cycles and large memory footprint necessary to deliver more, larger and higher-performing virtual machines for data centers and cloud platforms.
  • PowerEdge R630: This 2-socket, 1U rack server has a large memory footprint and superior IO performance, as well as storage flexibility of up to 24 x 1.8″ flash SSDs or 10 x 2.5″ HDDs (with an option to replace four HDDs with four PCIe SSDs) providing an ideal solution for large-scale transactional and analytical processing solutions, such as Oracle and SQL.
  • PowerEdge T630: This 2-socket tower server supports up to 32 x 2.5″ or 18 x 3.5″ hard drives.

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Dell Compellent Storage

This past month, our ComSource team was out on the road meeting with several of our customers and various end users; including a large Fortune 500 Company with 11 Production and DR Dell Compellent storage subsystems. The IT Director at this customer’s business said the Dell Compellent Storage has been “an outstanding investment for their company. It has handled all types of applications and workloads and performed admirably… 24×7.”

The other piece of good news is this customer had previously used most all of the other legacy storage solutions. While sure, most of those storage solutions were acceptable, they had old and outdated software and, to add insult to injury, the cost to maintain these older legacy storage platforms was beyond excessive…. with the extremely high ongoing hardware and software support expenses.

What we here at ComSource have found out is that storage continues to be the single fastest growing cost in the datacenter. Data continues to be the new growth driver. The Dell Compellent Fluid Data story is that Compellent is able to always put the right data in the right place at the right time… and most importantly at the right cost.

While the competition talks marketing hype, Dell Compellent delivers on all facets of performance, manageability, scalability and TCO. Stop the forklift madness every three years! Stop repurchasing the same storage software again and again! Stop having to manage outdated manual storage processes! Let your storage work for you… not you having to work your storage!

Call your ComSource representative to learn more about the industry leading Dell Compellent Flash Optimized Solution with the perfect blend and complement of write intensive and read intensive Flash Storage! You’ll be pleased you made the call

SolidFire, Inc.

We are seeing All Flash industry Leader SolidFire making a big splash in the storage world. With a scale-out architecture coupled with in-line Thin Provisioning, Compression, and Deduplication with guaranteed storage performance… all for about $3,000/TB (including three years of support) you can see why end users are showing interest in this dynamic storage solution!

Just as VMWare virtualizes compute resources, SolidFire storage virtualizes performance separate from capacity, which enables IT managers to now have an unprecedented level of storage control.

With the SolidFire unique All Flash architecture, coupled with guaranteed performance metrics, database workloads such as SQL and Oracle, now run properly (fast) without the CAP-EX and OP-EX burden of dedicated… expensive to acquire… and expensive to support competitive alternatives.

Our ComSource customers are able to mix and match SolidFire storage nodes within a system that can in turn craft options that can provide you with:

  • All in price points starting at under $100,000
  • Scale-Out Architecture
  • Design with 4 to 100 Nodes Per System
  • Build from 35TB up to 5PB of affective end user capacity
  • Provide you with 200,000 to 7.5 million IOPS

All Flash Arrays (AFA’s) continue to make the news, but as users complete their due diligence, and comb the landscape of all the options we are finding more and more users ending up at SolidFire. With both iSCSI and Fiber connected protocols, SolidFire volumes are able to guarantee a specific number of IOPS per volume and to also ensure that the performance of one volume is not impacted by the behavior of another volume in the same cluster. This is accomplished by QoS.

If you have a high performance Database or VDI workload, and you want to find out more about Tomorrow’s storage architecture Today, please contact your ComSource representative and we can help facilitate a free no obligation system demonstration.

SolidFire is a game changing and revolutionary storage solution and it is worth taking a look at now. Gartner and Industry Analyst agree.

IBM System z

Simply put, our ComSource pricing for IBM z196-2817 processors and IBM z114-2818 processors are the best in country! We have all makes and models to include additional memory plus IFL (Linux), ICF (Coupling), z11P and zAAP specialty engines. For example; current IBM z196 processors are running at only about $150/MIPS and IBM z114 processors at only about $260/MIPS including two specialty engines! With a new IBM processor announcement rumored to be less than six months away, don’t pay a premium for the “last” new EC12 or BC12 processor off the line when a very attractively priced z196 or zII4 will be a much more attractive financial investment.

Sure, you may own outright your IBM 2097–z10 EC Class or 2098-z10 BC Class processor and you are “only” paying for IBM support, IBM Software and third party ISV software, however, let ComSource representatives examine your IBM software stack and we’ll take a close look at what you are currently spending each month versus what you would be spending with one of our newer z196 or z114 processors. Again, with similar MIP levels we will reduce your MSU level, which in turn will reduce your monthly software expense. This would be true even with an IBM Sub Capacity pricing model.

Don’t overpay each month for third party ISV software which tends to be priced on MIPS not on MSU levels.

Call ComSource today for a quote that includes a new IBM processor, 24×7 support and projected IBM monthly software.

IBM Enterprise Disk Family

  • The IBM System Storage DS8000 series is the flagship disk storage platform within the IBM System Storage portfolio. The IBM DS8870 represents the latest in this series of high-performance, high-capacity, flexible, and resilient disk storage systems.
  • IBM XIV Storage System is a high-end data storage solution that can be flash-optimized and is built to deliver out-of-the-box simplicity, resiliency and predictability that are ideal for cloud and big-data analytics environments. XIV Storage Systems are designed for uncompromising five-nines availability, continuous operation without interruption to data access, and industry-standard security.

ComSource can deliver IBM DS8870 and IBM XIV to include previous generations as well as components to help configure a system that fits your needs. Whether your requirements are for a storage subsystem to handle a production workload or for a remote Disaster Recovery strategy our IBM disk units can be configured to your specifications. Contact ComSource!


IBM announced the small to mid-size POWER8 models earlier this year and recently announced new offerings that deliver for greater differentiation over x86 servers. IBM is delivering performance up to two times faster per core versus Intel in the new generation of POWER8 based servers the E870 and E880. The IBM Power E870 and E880 enterprise servers are designed to provide the highest levels of reliability, availability, flexibility and performance. The Power E870 and E880 servers consistently deliver the highest levels of service across hundreds of virtual workloads on a single system.

ComSource can deliver POWER8 as well as previous generations of Power Systems (POWER7+, etc.) and components to help configure a system that fits your needs. To learn more about these new announcements from IBM or to inquire about our pricing please contact your ComSource Account Executive today!


ComSource is an authorized reseller for Riverbed. Riverbed is the leader in Application Performance Infrastructure, delivering the most complete platform for location-independent computing. In short, Riverbed is the industry leader in WAN acceleration technology. Riverbed’s 24,000 + customers include 97% of the Fortune 100 and 95% of the Forbes 100.

Their platform consists of Riverbed Steelhead, Riverbed Granite, Riverbed Stingray, and Riverbed Performance Management. Please call us to learn more about how Riverbed can reduce the cost of running your business and maximize employee productivity.

Announcing New Dell Client Products

  • Dell Venue Tablets

Dell’s Venue tablets are still one of the most versatile tablets yet! These tablets pack a quad-core Intel Atom processor with the Venue 11 Pro containing up to the Core i5, colorful 1080p screen as well as a unique USB port which can be used to connect an external monitor, among other user-friendly accessories. But the real magic begins when you pair this tablet with one of its optional docks and keyboards, transforming the device into either a sleek business laptop or a mini desktop. This mobility, productivity and adaptability of the Venue tablets make them ideal for business or personal use.

  • Dell Latitude 5000 Series Laptop

The Dell Latitude 5000 series delivers reliable performance, exceptional manageability, and industry-leading security at a great value. Its thin and light design makes this laptop easy to transport but still being durable enough for heavy daily use. These Dell Latitude series laptops deliver excellent productivity and will power through everyday tasks with the 4th generation Intel Core processor options up to the i7 at a great value. This PC contains an LED HD display, with the option for a touch screen display as well, and can be connected to a docking station for a full desktop experience. With a wide array of storage technology, this laptop offers solid-state hybrid drives as well as high-performance solid-state drives (SSD) for large, reliable storage capacity and insures added reliability from the PC. End users of all landscapes will appreciate the adaptability and consistency of these New Dell business-class laptops.

  • Dell Optiplex 7020 Desktops

The New Optiplex 7020 business-class desktops are feature rich for the ultimate experience by any end user in the business spectrum. Packed within this latest and greatest Dell desktop; users will experience essential performance, security, and manageability features to match your productivity needs. This desktop is available in either the Minitower or Small Form Factor chassis and packs a punch with its 4th Generation Intel Core Processors, integrated Intel HD graphics, and hard disk drives up to 1TB. The Optiplex 7020 will seamlessly assimilate into any office or home setting for the best end user experience yet.

Call ComSource today to get the best pricing on the Venue, Optiplex 7020, Latitude 5000 Series, or any other Dell Client desktop, laptop or tablet offering.


Would you like to take advantage of the High Speed Density, Fabric Extenders, Virtual Port Channel and Unified environment that Cisco NEXUS provides?

If the answer is yes, but the obstacle holding you back is price, ComSource with our Cisco cost cutting initiatives can help!

We have recently de-installed NEXUS switches available in our extensive off lease portfolio. This is fully tested original Cisco equipment that has only been installed once with a ComSource lessor. All equipment has gone through a thorough testing and burn in period. As well as NEXUS our ComSource Cisco portfolio contains Routers, 6509E’s all versions of POE and Non-POE closet switches and wireless gear. At the most competitive prices on the market.

If you are interested in further discussing business strategies to procure needed Cisco Network equipment and save money at the same time, please contact us to set up a call…our network team can offer you the most creative solutions in the industry utilizing as much of your current Network as possible to achieve your desired performance.

We will design the solution which is the best fit economically and technically with a combination of our fiscally savvy expertise and reliable cost effective equipment.