About Us

It was April 7th 1989 when we first opened the doors here at ComSource, Inc. Little did we know then how much the world of technology and financial services would change over the years. Looking back we can remember our goal in early 1989 was to strive to be a vendor, partner and lessor mostly with IBM mainframe oriented equipment. Our objective then was to be a cost effective and creative supplier of IBM “Water Cooled” Mainframe processors (3081K, 3084Q and 3090 families), IBM Disk (3380 & 3390) and Backup tape (3420-Reel to Reel and the first tape cartridge unit… the 3480 family.)Many years later and IBM zSeries processors are still here (however, much smaller and much more powerful), the x86 server market was introduced and users installed hundreds of these devices running Microsoft operating systems until virtualization, coupled with Linux, came and entered the scene, in turn with tremendously improved price-performance economics. We now offer a much larger variety of equipment, options and solutions and will continue to grow and evolve as the markets change.

So as we recall our past we ask where this journey has taken ComSource and our valued & dedicated employees… as we continue to serve and support all of our esteemed and exceptional customers.

We pledge our commitment to:

  • Listen to what is important to each of you… our customers!
  • Be responsive and as helpful as humanly possible.
  • Design, architect and propose the best possible hardware and software solutions to tackle the issues, challenges and requirements facing each of you.
  • Continue to be a passionate advocate for every dollar each of you spend and to craft “great” solutions with “great” 3-5 year TCO.
  • Let you know if we believe there is a “better way” that will be more effective and will actually save you money, regardless of the status quo.
  • Finally, when the CAP-Ex funding is not available or you desire a 3 to 4 year tech refresh financing option, we pledge to offer very competitive hardware, software and services lease proposal options coupled with what we believe is the best and most flexible back office leasing department in the industry.