Data Center Infrastructure


IBM Mainframe System z & Coupling Facilities – IBM System z is a world class enterprise server designed to meet IT and business challenges head-on and serve as the cornerstone in your dynamic infrastructure. This unique enterprise system provides performance and capacity for growth as well as, large scale consolidation, superior security, resiliency and availability while lowering both risk and cost.
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IBM Power System p and i Servers – IBM Power System family, with AIX and/or OS400, offer a scalable and high performance architecture with a proven reputation for exceptional business resiliency. Running applications on System p and i platforms has helped companies go beyond just managing their data center operations and focus on innovation, thereby delivering new value to their business.
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HP UX Servers – The HP UX server platform delivers a pre-designed, pre-integrated and application-ready package to end-users with a built-in software integration that reduces risk, time and cost through faster deployment and simpler lifecycle management.
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Oracle Solaris Servers – The Oracle server platform, running Solaris, provides businesses with the flexibility to adjust to changing business computing requirements and the scale to handle ever expanding workloads. The advanced virtualization, security, scalability, manageability and reliability features make Oracle servers an excellent choice for building an IT infrastructure.
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x86 Servers – x86 servers with either Intel or AMD processors from Dell EMC, HP, IBM or Cisco are intelligent systems that support Microsoft® Windows®, Linux® and virtualization. x86 server options offer users high performance, redundant components and very scalable architecture. The latest Dell EMC PowerEdge servers feature higher memory density, greater hard drive capacity, redundant hypervisors and more PCI slots, all to provide improved operational efficiency, performance and system reliability.
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Protect Your Data and Your IT Investment – ComSource data center storage and backup solutions will keep your data secure and accessible. Learn more about all of our Storage & Backup product offerings.

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

APC – American Power Conversion UPS solutions protect companies from data loss, hardware damage and downtime. APC offers models ranging from the enterprise data center operations and entire facilities to laptop and desktop systems. The APC portfolio includes surge suppressors, uninterruptible power supplies, power conditioning equipment, management software, DC power systems and precision cooling equipment.
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Powerware – From Eaton Corporation, Powerware uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) provide reliable power management and protection for servers, storage, PCs, telephony and networking devices. Powerware IT power solutions keep business running without interruption. Available in both rack-mount and tower configurations, flexible Powerware systems protect IT infrastructure across industries and for all types of businesses.
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Vertiv – Vertiv’s product portfolio offers intelligent, integrated data center solutions that protect infrastructure, optimize efficiency and increase network capacity. Vertiv’s products include UPS, surge protection, racks, cabinets, enclosures, systems monitoring and precision cooling.
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Fabric Visibility

Gigamon – Gigamon’s Visibility Fabric helps organizations gain visibility and insights into their infrastructure, enabling them to become more agile, secure and cost effective.
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