2nd Quarter 2015

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Dell Storage

Big News – Special ComSource offering!

ComSource has available for immediate deployment an advanced Dell Compellent “Flash Optimized” Enterprise Storage system for end users to try out, test, and/or be a part of an exciting Proof of Concept experience. Our “All Flash” Storage Array is high performance across all applications at a best TCO.   >> Read more…

IBM System z

Our team here at ComSource has a very exciting announcement to make; we are just now getting our hands on the first pre-owned, banded, certified and almost new IBM zEC12-2827 processor!

Why spend over $1,000/MIPS for a new IBM System z processor when you can acquire an “almost new” zEC12 for about 1/3 the cost of a new IBM mainframe processor?

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Enterprise End to End Data Management

ComSource architects, sells and deploys the industries #1 Backup & Recovery Data Management solution… CommVault. In fact, for the past four (4) years in a row CommVault has been selected as the #1 rated solution by Gartner Group.

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IBM Mainframe Tape

The new IBM TS4500 tape library storage solution with support for IBM LTO Ultrium 5 and 6 tape drives and the new IBM 3592 TS1150 Model E08 allows you to greatly reduce your required floor space for tape hardware.

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IBM Announcement – End of Support on IBM Disk Models DS6800, DS8100 and DS8300

On Tuesday March 10th IBM provided notice that the DS6800 will be discontinued from maintenance services effective September 30, 2015. In that same notice they announced that the IBM DS8100 and DS8300 would be discontinued from maintenance services effective March 31, 2016.

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IBM Enterprise Disk Family

IBM Disk, Hybrid Disk and Flash storage systems provide storage efficiency capabilities such as compression, automatic tiering, virtualization, and thin provisioning. These storage solutions increase the data storage landscape for organizations of all sizes to boost system performance and lower IT costs.

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The EMC Disk Library for mainframe (DLm) allows you to store various data types with primary and deduplication storage support. The fastest mainframe virtual tape library, Disk Library for mainframe gives enterprises the capability to scale in performance and capacity.

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ComSource supplies cost -effective solutions. Be it current technology or legacy

hardware, we provide the widest range of equipment for your IT needs. Within the Power space, ComSource can deliver POWER8 as well as previous generations of Power Systems (POWER7+, etc.) and components to help configure a system that fits your needs.

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Announcing New Dell Client Products!

Dell Venue Tablets

Dell’s Venue tablets are still one of the most versatile tablets yet! The Venue 11 Pro 7000 Series now offers Intel 5th Generation Core M processors in the new model 7140 that enhances the tablet’s graphics and battery efficiency.

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ComSource provides the complete Cisco portfolio from the WAN and Wireless to the Edge right through to NEXUS at the core.

With the ComSource inventory of fully tested off-lease, refurbished and new surplus Cisco Hardware we can drastically cut customers cost on the exact same original Cisco devices you would order from other channels.

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ComSource is a Gold Partner of Gigamon, the market leader in traffic visibility fabric solutions. Gigamon provides full visibility of traffic across the physical and virtual environments without affecting performance or stability of the production network and with zero packet loss.

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Dell’s x86 13th Generation Blade Servers, Blade Centers & M1000e Chassis

ComSource, as a total technology solutions provider, focuses considerable time, effort, and investment on providing our customers and the broader datacenter marketplace with “OPEN”, “Cost Containing” and “Easy-to-Use” high-density Blade Center solutions from Dell.

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CommVault’s exclusive single-platform architecture gives companies unprecedented control over data growth, costs and risk. CommVault’s Simpana software suite of products was designed to work together seamlessly from the ground up, sharing a single code and common function set, to deliver superlative Data Protection, Archive, Replication, Search and Resource Management capabilities.

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ASIC vs. Merchant Silicone – Why should you care?

An Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) is an integrated circuit (IC) customized for a particular use of which the advantage is speed. By programming the hardware integrated circuit to perform a specific function, the designer gets fast execution in a compact package unobtainable by using general computing IC.

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IBM Hardware Maintenance and Support

ComSource through its 3rd party maintenance provider offers a cost-efficient support model designed for post-warranty maintenance that provides substantial savings of 50+ percent on IBM product families including zSeries, pSeries, iSeries, xSeries, and most disk, tape and connectivity peripherals.

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Nexsan/Imation Storage

A few exciting announcements:

On February 13th, Nexsan announced it is now offering HGST’s 8TB Ultrastar® hard disk drives with its Nexsan E-Series™ family of data storage solutions. Now with E-Series, users can store up to 144TB of data in just two rack units and nearly 5PB in a standard rack, unlocking new levels of density and capacity customization in their data centers.

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Dell has taken the #2 server spot with 16.7% market share

IDC released the Q4 2014 Quarterly Server Tracker report and it revealed that Dell has taken the #2 server spot with 16.7% market share.

According to the press release, “HP experienced solid demand for its x86-based ProLiant servers, particularly in the EMEA, Asia/Pacific, and Japan.

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