Commodity Manager, International Electronics Conglomerate
“They’re an extra team for us… in both the mainframe and PC arenas… their price is always competitive, but more importantly, I know I’m getting the most efficient solution.”

Senior Purchasing Manager, Fortune 500 Golf Equipment Company
“ComSource is focused on service. Doing business with them is different. They’re very competitive in price, but they understand what real service means. Our rep visits us 4 or 5 times a year… nobody else does. He helps us out when we need him. You don’t get that from anybody these days.”

CTO, A Leading Worldwide Publisher
“The relationship we have with ComSource has removed all the traditional financing formalities… which when managing technology gives me the agility I must have to put the needs of the business first, and the needs of satisfying the terms of a financing agreement firmly second.”

CTO, Fortune 500 Company
“Aggressive rates are always easy to find, however at the end of an equipment’s lifecycle, having a partner who understands technology and will truly work with you to transition from old to new is extremely rare.”

Other comments include:
“One of the buzzwords today is ‘partnering’. Companies say they want to partner with you… ComSource is one of those few companies that really mean it. They live those words… they’re not just a marketing phrase with them.”

“Their communication is great. I can pick up the phone and call anyone on their team. They’ll get us what we need.”

“I wish all leasing companies were as easy to do business with.”

“What impresses me is what they do when things don’t go right.”

“ComSource is a knowledge resource for us. They even give us input when they’re not involved.”

“It’s less about percentage points and more about relationships.”

“Of the 3 or 4 lessors we work with, ComSource is the best. They’re different than other lessors in that they provide input on the product itself. We explain what we need to achieve and they always come back with a solution that exceeds our expectations.”