Services & Solutions

Data Center Migrations & Consolidations

Data center migration and facility consolidation projects must always have a customized focus and structure to ensure successful results. ComSource, in conjunction with our strategic partners, has helped many Fortune 1000 companies move their data centers, as well as consolidate multiple data centers utilizing the latest migration tools and skill sets to ensure timely and accurate migrations to the new target facility. ComSource brings in a very experienced and seasoned team of consultants and system engineers to provide unsurpassed service and capabilities.

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Business Continuity, Recovery Services & Co-Location

ComSource helps companies develop strategic business continuity and recovery plans. These initiatives include establishing redundant servers, storage, and backup pools (onsite and offsite) as well as the deployment of essential hardware and network connectivity. Our experienced engineers provide valuable insight and create effective business recovery models designed for each specific customer situation.

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Information Technology in the Healthcare Sector

For over 20 years ComSource has provided the healthcare systems marketplace with IT equipment for their facilities including mainframe, servers, storage solutions, network equipment, as well as tablet and personal computers. In addition, healthcare customers can also take full advantage of the ComSource leasing program to ensure their businesses are always utilizing the most current technology. ComSource and our partner affiliates deliver exceptionally successful EMR system implementations and have the ability to shape technology solutions that respond to a specific healthcare system’s needs. Successful implementation of information systems requires in depth analysis of current workflow, careful planning of each phase of the project and timely execution of every task. ComSource provides consultants who bring substantial EMR systems expertise and are not only EPIC and Meditech certified, but also experts in healthcare operations. These consultants have extensive experience assisting customers with contracting and pre-implementation planning.

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Mobile Technology and Logistical Solutions

ComSource works with industry leaders of logistical software to assist companies in designing, deploying, managing and supporting mobile wireless technology solutions in retail, e-commerce, route distributors, 3PL and consumer goods industries. Paper-based solutions are riddled with inefficiencies within the logistics sector such as, misplaced paperwork, delayed invoices to clients and inaccurate entry of information. ComSource and our partner affiliates implement logistical software solutions that help companies realize benefits of software enhancements and technology refreshes, such as “real time” information for their dispatchers prior to trucks arriving with product, immediate creation of invoices when delivery signatures are collected via a “sign-on glass” and significant reductions in manual processes. This better management of the movement of materials, products and related information in and amongst complex facilities positions companies to meet current and future demands of new emerging technologies, which increases customer satisfaction and productivity while reducing labor costs and inaccuracies.

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Information Technology Assessments

ComSource, in conjunction with our partner affiliates, examine current IT environments to judge efficiencies, assess bandwidth and throughput, security vulnerabilities and connectivity issues. Our information technology assessments analyze existing infrastructures including hardware, software, maintenance and IT processes to help identify opportunities to increase performance and productivity, therefore reducing ongoing operating expenses.

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3rd Party Maintenance and Support, Non OEM

ComSource is a premier channel partner for the 3rd party maintenance industry’s top maintenance provider. This 3rd party maintenance provider, a true leader in the field, offers support for all of the major IT manufacturers – to include Dell EMC, IBM, SUN, HP, Cisco and others. This extremely cost effective offering provides the same level (or better!) support as the OEM at approximately 40% below standard IT maintenance expenses. Some of the major advantages of this offering include use of their own W2 employees (rather than subcontractors), asset tracking, a hot spares program and local parts/service depots throughout the country.

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